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Truck accident lawyers are personal injury attorneys who help you recover when you have been involved in a collision with an 18 wheeler.  If you or someone you love has been the victim of a truck accident, then you know first hand how devastating truck accidents can be. The magnitude of injury they can cause is much greater than the typical automobile accident. Likewise, cases involving 18 wheelers and other commercial motor vehicles are drastically different than the typical run-of-the-mill automobile collision cases.   The term “Commercial Motor Vehicle”  includes eighteen-wheelers, dump trucks, box trucks, freight liners, bucket trucks and a vast array of other large vehicles.  There are volumes of Federal and State laws that apply to specific types of commercial motor vehicles as well as to the industries that require them. It is absolutely critical that you hire a truck accident lawyer who is familiar with the law and has experience in handling trucking and commercial vehicle collision cases specifically so that every potential violation is explored.

At Simmons and Fletcher, our law firm handles accidents involving 18 wheelers and other commercial motor vehicles personally. This is important to know because some attorneys advertise for truck accidents and then refer them out to other, more qualified, law firms. We handle truck accidents ourselves which is why some lawyers refer these cases to us. Our attorneys will travel to the scene to investigate the truck wreck. We also have access to experts and professional investigators who regularly investigate semi truck accidents and evaluate serious accident cases to get to the bottom of what really happened.

Across the United States

Truck accidents often happen while you are traveling across country or even on vacation. You may be wondering: “Can they help me if my accident was not in Texas?” The answer is “Yes.” Most jurisdictions have a vehicle that allows a foreign state lawyer to appear for the purposes of handling a matter in the state. This procedure is called a Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice.” This is a powerful tool that enables attorneys to appear in foreign states to prosecute a case and go to trial. For example, in the past, Simmons and Fletcher used this in Arizona to enable Keith Fletcher to handle an Arizona runaway 18 wheeler case caused by the trucking company’s failure to maintain the brakes properly. He was able to successfully make a recovery for the family of the victim who, in that case, was the driver of the truck.

Why You Need Our Truck Accident Lawyers Investigating and Handling Your Case

Dump truck rollover on Beltway 8 in Houston.

Dump truck rollover on Beltway 8 in Houston.

The companies who operate commercial motor vehicles vehicles and their insurance companies typically have damage control personnel on staff who are trained to respond to collisions immediately to try to minimize the potential liability exposure of the company for their negligent conduct.  It can be critical to your case that your attorney acts quickly to obtain and document any evidence before it disappears. Our 18 wheeler collision lawyers will begin to investigate your case immediately. Based in a city of the size and resources as Houston, Texas, we have experts ready to go at any time.

Knowing what  to look for and how to obtain the information is very important in truck accident claims.  The truck accident lawyer you choose must be qualified to determine which of the following actions are required immediately after a commercial motor vehicle collision:

  • Examine the “black box” that records truck speeds and brake applications
  •  Investigate truck driver activities recorded on GPS systems
  • Review drivers’ log books and federally-required records of pre-trip and post-trip inspections.
  • Obtain receipts, bills of lading, orders and other documentation of the load
  • Acquire driving histories, drug and alcohol tests
  • Subpoena vehicle maintenance records
  • Secure photos, statements and police reports
  • Obtain toll tags, records and vehicle weight tickets
  • Examine pay stubs and work records
  • Take measurements of skid marks, vehicle damage and the scene

Causes of Truck Accidents

There are many reasons truck accidents happen. Sometimes it is the driver’s fault. Other times the real responsibility lies with a company that overworks the driver,  ignores or encourages rule violations, or fails to adequately inspector maintain the tractor-trailer. Typical factors leading to commercial motor vehicle collisions include:

At Simmons and Fletcher, we have qualified Texas truck accident attorneys ready to take immediate steps to preserve evidence and uncover the true facts. We have the resources to hire any necessary experts, file for temporary injunctions to preserve evidence and do whatever it takes to purse the case.  Because we work on a contingency fee basis, we front all of the expenses and do not charge you a dime unless we make a recovery for you by settlement or judgment. We call it our “No Win No Fee Guarantee.”

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