Counties Bordering the Eagle Ford Shale are Feeling the Financial Burden

Posted on by Paul Richardson

Depending on with whom you speak, counties within the Eagle Ford Shale benefit greatly from the extensive fracking procedures within the area. Oil company leases turn individual land owners into instant millionaires. County governments are witnessing incredible revenue growth, from excise taxes and fees collected from the oil companies. Area …

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Eagle Ford Shale Adding to Poverty Increase in One Locality

Posted on by Paul Richardson

The School of Journalism at the University of Texas in Austin recently published a story about the poverty that accompanies the Eagle Ford Shale development. The article focuses on the Gonzales Christian Alliance Ministry (GCAM), located in Gonzales, Texas. With a population of about 7,000 people, Gonzales is in the …

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Eagle Ford Shale Companies Acknowledging Tractor Trailer Concerns

Posted on by Paul Richardson

Extensive truck traffic continues to be an issue of concern within the numerous counties of the Eagle Ford Shale. Thousands of oil wells currently operate within this region and they require the usage of tractor trailers to transport supplies, water, sand and oil throughout the area. This created a situation …

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Eagle Ford Shale Cities: Prosperity and Problems from the Fracking Boom

Posted on by Paul Cannon

National Public Radio (NPR) recently published an article regarding the growth of communities within the Eagle Ford Shale and the challenges that accompany such a quick rate of development. According to the NPR report, prior to Eagle Ford drilling, towns in the south Texas region were plagued with joblessness and …

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South Texas Eagle Ford Fracking Regulations Protect Industry More than Residents

Posted on by Paul Cannon

Should South Texas residents fear the air they breathe?


Texas air quality is monitored and regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), which is headed by three governor-appointed officials. The advocacy organization TruthOut recently published a revealing article titled “Big Oil, Bad Air: Fracking the Eagle Ford Shale

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Breaking News: Massive Apartment Complex Fire Near Downtown Houston/Montrose

Posted on by Paul Cannon

An apartment complex that was being built is burning near Downtown Houston, Texas today as firefighters work furiously to control the blaze.  The blaze began between noon and 1:00 p.m. today.  This construction site is located in the Historic Montrose area. Smoke continues to billow high into the sky obscuring …

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2 Million Toyotas Recalled: Now Sudden Deceleration, Not Acceleration Danger

Posted on by Paul Cannon

Toyota recalled close to 1.9 million vehicles in February of 2014 because of a glitch in the software that controls advanced breaking and acceleration features in late Prius, Tacoma, Rav 4, and Lexus models. The recall comes just two months after Toyota lost its first sudden acceleration personal injury lawsuit …

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Breaking News Houston-Overturned Truck Spilling Fuel on Heights Blvd at I-10

Posted on by jlong

An overturned oil tanker crashed while heading east on I-10 east in westbound lane at Heights Blvd. near downtown Houston. Emergency personnel are on the scene trying to clear the area as safety concerns continue to escalate.

Overturned OIl Tanker Spilling Fuel on Heights BlvdHPD, the Houston Fire Department, and other rescue personnel are working to clear …

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The Myth That Rear-End Accidents Are Automatically the Fault of The Rear Vehicle in Texas

Posted on by Paul Cannon

There is an erroneous belief held by many that if you rear-end someone in Texas, you are automatically at fault for the accident. This statement is far from the truth and demonstrates a misunderstanding of how Texas personal injury law works.

The Requirement Of a Negligence Finding in Auto Collisions…

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Family Helps Thief Injured During Home Break-in

Posted on by jlong

A family in Salt Lake City woke early one morning to the sound of broken glass, followed by screams for help.  Alarmed and in a state of panic, Pablo Solario’s first instinct was to lock his bedroom door to protect his girlfriend who was sleeping next to him. After hearing …

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