Preventing Boating Accidents

Posted on by Paul Richardson

In the summer, people are eager to get out on their boats. Unfortunately, a fun day of boating or fishing can turn to tragedy, particularly for non-swimmers, if simple safety precautions are not taken. That is exactly what happened to two men at King Fisher Beach in Port O’Connor. …

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Safety Tips For Driving Around 18-Wheelers

Posted on by Paul Cannon

18-wheeler trucks are gigantic, high-speed vehicles. Given that the typical 18-wheeler has a wheel-to-wheel base of about 250 feet wide, these zooming mammoths can easily dominate the roadways and driving lanes.

The command of the roadways taken by these trucks can make for a very dangerous situation for passenger …

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Surprising Sumertime Injuries

Posted on by Paul Cannon

The pleasant weather and summer are here again! Summertime evokes thoughts of enjoyable days spent out of doors, diving into swimming pools, and picnics of BBQ and corn on the cob. For most people, summertime is their most favorite time of the year filled with great memories and fun.

Unfortunately, …

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Giving Birth to Multiples Increases Risks of Complications

Posted on by Paul Cannon

As reported by Fox News recently, a Houston area woman gave birth to the only set of all female quintuplets in the United States.  Born at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, the five little girls arrived on April 8th at 4:41 p.m. via cesarean section. It took mother Danielle …

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Surviving an Apartment Complex Fire

Posted on by Paul Cannon

The Houston area was hit hard recently by hail, high winds and dangerous storms. One particularly nasty storm produced strong lightening in the Harris County region. Residents of an apartment complex in the area were shocked when a lightning strike from this storm sparked a large fire in their building, …

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No Telemedicine In Texas?

Posted on by Paul Cannon

TexasBarToday_TopTen_Badge_SmallThe World Wide Web has, without a doubt, made the world a smaller place.  The free exchange of information has opened doors to cross-state and cross-border sales of goods and services.  It only makes sense that the service industry would take advantage of this access to a whole world of …

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Distracted Teen Drivers and Cell Phones

Posted on by Paul Cannon

The AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety (AAA-FTS) has published a very sobering report this week – teen drivers are even more distracted behind the wheel than previously thought.

The AAA-FTS analyzed in-vehicle event recorders in 1,691 moderate-to-severe vehicle accidents between August of 2007 and July of 2013 involving drivers ages …

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Protecting Yourself From “Superbugs”

Posted on by Paul Cannon

Hospitals are where we go to get treatment and recover from various ailments and diseases.  We think of hospitals as safe places where the thing that is causing us harm will be removed.

Unfortunately, all too often hospitals can also be the source of our infection and injury; the place …

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News Report Shows Consequences of Driving Drunk In Houston

Posted on by Paul Cannon is reporting this week that a Houston man will spend the next 50 years in jail after driving drunk and killing a family of 5, including 3 children.   One 16-year-old girl, Stephanie Guzman, survived the crash only to wake up from a coma and discover the rest of her …

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Questions and Answers About Medical Malpractice Claims in Texas

Posted on by Paul Cannon

There are very few people we simply just trust without questions in our lives. When it comes to our relationships with our doctors, we assume they always know best.  But we all make mistakes even doctors. Unfortunately, when adoctor makes a mistake it can truly be a life or death …

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