Skype Hearings For Lawyers

As technology continues to evolve, so must the law. And as the law evolves so must the lawyer. Today, I conducted a minor settlement hearing without a minor…thanks to Skype. Background When a minor is injured due to the negligence of another, the legal process does not recognize a minor’s right to sue. A minor […]

Four Killed in Alleged Drag Racing Crash in Edinburg, Texas

On September 25, 2015 two cars were involved in a traffic accident that left four dead. Witnesses allege that the drivers of the cars involved in the fatal crash seemed to be drag racing. Police report that one of the two cars hit the back of an eighteen wheeler. It is suspected that alcohol may […]

Class Action Representatives and Litigants

On September 8, 2015 a class action case against BP out of the Southern Federal District of Texas in Houston, was permitted to proceed by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, in New Orleans. A class of investors, part of them pre-spill stock purchasers and part of them post-spill purchasers, sought […]

Airplane Crash Litigation

Few areas of the law are as diverse as aviation law. Not only do the plaintiffs have to concern themselves with the appropriate theory of recovery, such as negligence, products liability, et cetera, they also have to contend with the issue of choice of venue and choice of law, which may or may not be […]

Dog Bite Laws in Texas

It is an unfortunate reality that sometimes dogs maul, bite, and maim people. In early August of this year two pit bulls mauled a local woman. Just two days after that incident, dogs mauled another woman in Houston, as reported here. Last year a local woman died as the result of a dog attack. The […]

Property Owner’s Duties to Children: Attractive Nuisance Doctrine

A normal property owner owes a duty to anyone he or she invites onto his or her property. The duty is different depending on whether the guest is a trespasser or a guest. The age of the guest also matters. In the precedent-setting case Texas Utilities Elec. Co. v. Timmons the Texas Supreme Court reaffirmed […]

Faulty Dryer Subrogation Claim Could Be the Tip Of the Iceberg

On September 9, 2015, Nationwide Insurance Company filed suit against Samsung and Lowe’s for selling a faulty dryer, which allegedly caused a house fire. Nationwide  obtained the right to sue on behalf of the homeowner, under a right of subrogation–an assigned right related to collecting money paid out on a claim that was the result […]

Criuse Ship Illness – Can You Sue the Cruise Line?

Cruising has many obvious pleasures – unlimited food and drink, onboard activities and events, excursions to ports of call in exotic locations – but it also has potential health hazards. If you become sick while on a cruise vacation, can you sue the cruise line? The answer depends on your medical expenses and other losses […]

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