NCAA Liability for Injuries to Student Athletes

NCAA Liability for Injuries to Student Athletes In my last post, I discussed injuries to high school athletes. There are unique legal issues attendant to that, since high school is mandatory and a part of the state’s educational infrastructure. College athletics are distinct because colleges are not mandatory. There is no right to a university […]

High School Sports Injuries

High School Sports Injuries High school sports are complicated, highly orchestrated sporting events with some school districts sinking millions into their sports budget and benefactors providing private Learjets to and from sporting events all across the state. Some stadiums cost several tens of millions of dollars with professional sports level equipment and trainers. At the […]

Dram Shop Lawsuits – Liquor Provider Liability

Dram Shop Lawsuits There is no doubt that drinking and driving can be a deadly combination and lead to tragedy. Just two years ago four people died when a drunk driver drove into a crowd at the famous South by Southwest music and cultural festival. Two others were seriously injured. Just this past year the […]

Seat Belt Laws of Texas

Seat Belt Laws Historically Texas courts have barred the introduction of evidence that a particular individual in an automobile accident did not use his or her seat belt. The information could influence a jury or judge when apportioning liability and damages at a trial. Historical reluctance from some courts held even when the Texas legislature […]

Chariot Guiding Sheath Recall

Medical Device Recall On November 19, 2015 Boston Scientific initiated a voluntary recall of a medical sheath used by physicians and surgeons across the country after several reports that parts of the sheath broke off and became lodged inside patients’ bodies. The device was engineered as a lengthy and narrow tube through which surgeons or […]

Medical Product Liability Cases

It is a likely enough of a scenario that you perhaps have a long-term, lingering injury that you go to your family doctor for and he or she refers you to a specialist. Perhaps you got into an accident or had some trauma that needs to be addressed. When you see your specialist, you are […]

Third Party Personal Injury Claims in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Texas does not mandate that all employers carry workers’ compensation insurance. The Texas legislature has created a pool of incentives for employers who decide to opt into the state workers compensation plan. They sweetened the deal sufficiently such that most employers in the state carry workers’ compensation coverage for their employees benefit. If you work […]

Texas’ Good Samaritan Law For Emergency Care

The Good Samaritan Law Under Texas’ God Samaritan Law, if a person acts to help mitigate harm during an emergency, they are not liable unless they act with “willful or wanton negligence.” To state it another way, a person may act in an emergency and can even make some basic mistakes – ordinary negligence – […]

Hoverboard Injuries

The puns are coming hot and fast with the latest and hottest Christmas gift. Hoverboards across the nation have sparked a number of fires and were banned by a number of airlines for their volatile tendencies. Hoverboards have been blamed for house fires in Louisiana, New York, and Los Angeles as well as in a […]

Black Friday Fights and Premise Liability

It is a sad reflection of our society that we cannot even go Christmas shopping without worrying about random violence breaking out at retail locations and causing harm to you or a loved one. The day after Thanksgiving is commonly called Black Friday and is a common day for fights to erupt. Even a police […]

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