Breaking News Houston-Overturned Truck Spilling Fuel on Heights Blvd at I-10

An overturned oil tanker crashed while heading east on I-10 east in westbound lane at Heights Blvd. near downtown Houston. Emergency personnel are on the scene trying to clear the area as safety concerns continue to escalate.

Overturned OIl Tanker Spilling Fuel on Heights BlvdHPD, the Houston Fire Department, and other rescue personnel are working to clear traffic but all westbound lanes of I-10 are closed coming inbound towards downtown.

If you are driving into town from the east side avoid I-10 and connecting roads as a major traffic jam has grid locked the area.

Slick roads from the rainy conditions around Houston today are most likely the cause of this truck accident, but we are waiting on official reports from the investigators on the scene to confirm the exact cause of the vehicle accident.


If you must travel to downtown from the east side, plan an alternate route and drive safely Houston! You can keep watch of traffic delays from this overturned tanker accident at

Houston Transtar Image I-10 Katy Westhound at Heights Blvd