Houston Pit Bull Attacks Plaguing City

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Two Pit Bulls Killing Family Pets

More pit bull attacks in a northwest Houston neighborhood near Keith Harrow have area residents rightfully afraid for their pets and children.  Although the latest pit bull attacks in this neighborhood do not warrant criminal charges, they were devastating for the families who lost their beloved family pets.  One victim of the two pit bulls attacking in this neighborhood was a stray dog, which was caught on video and sent the Houston animal control center as evidence.  Residents in this neighborhood are keeping their children and pets inside as precautionary measures; several pit bull attacks in the last six months have claimed the lives of young children and caused severe injuries to several more.  Because the dogs are still at large, the risk of pit bull injuries and attacks is very high in this neighborhood.

September 2012–Pit Bull Murders two Family Dogs

Two pit bulls forced their way through a doggie door once again in northwest Harris County.  They followed the family’s two jack russel terriers into the home, attacking and killing them.  Thankfully the homeowners were not in at the time of the attacks, or they too may have become the killers’ next victims.  Officers who arrived on the scene lured the pit bulls into a container and took them to animal control.  Unfortunately no criminal charges because in Texas dogs are considered property, so only a civil suit can be filed.

November 2012—Pit Bull Mauls 6 Year Old at Birthday Party

Another pit bull attack at a child’s birthday party in the Houston suburb of Spring.  A six year old boy was attacked and mauled by the family’s pet pit bull.  One of the dog’s owners also sustained injuries while trying to free the dog from the pit bull’s grasp.  After the attack, another of the dog’s owners shot at and grazed the pit bull.  For some reason, animal control decided not to remove the dog from the home.

December 8, 2012—1 Year Old Baby Killed by Family Pit Bull

A one year old baby was mauled to death by his family’s pit bull.  The baby was already deceased when officers arrived on the scene, and they shot and killed the dog when it tried to attack them too.

January 22, 2013—1 ½ Year Old Boy and Mother Severely Injured by Family Pit Bull

A one-and-a-half year old boy was severely injured by one of their pit bulls just days later on January 22, 2013.  His mother also sustained injuries from the pit bull while trying to save her son.  The mother says that the dog was trying to chew her 18 month old son’s face off.  She said that she just went inside to get a drink of water, and when she came out the dog was chewing on his face.  They young boy survived but is undergoing several reconstructive facial surgeries.


Pit Bull Murderer Possibly Related to a Pit Bull Attack Victim

A neighborhood near Pearland in south Houston is reporting a pit bull killer on the loose. Seven dogs have been found murdered in the small neighborhood of Mykawa alone.  Some of the dogs were found shot execution style, while others were bludgeoned to death.  Officers reported that they had a suspect in mind back in January of 2013. All the reports of attacks makes one wonder if this serial pit pull killer is a family member or close friend of a pit bull victim.

Pit Bull Safety
Please exercise extreme caution around pit bulls, especially with children.   Never leave a child or other dog alone with a dog they do not know.  Also, never leave a child alone with a dog, especially breeds like this that are known to do inflict serious injuries when they do attack.  Our hearts go out to all of the families mourning the loss of their loved ones from pit bull attacks.

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4 comments on “Houston Pit Bull Attacks Plaguing City
  1. Jackie Stegner says:

    My neighbor has three pit bulls and is breeding them. I am fearful of what may happen since there is a wooden fence between us. What are the current Houston laws and insurance requirements for these animals?

    • paul says:

      None. There is no specific regulation of pit bulls at all and no insurance requirements until they attack someone and are labeled a dangerous dog. If they ever get out or threaten anyone, be sure to report it to the local animal control so it is documented. This could lead to the dogs getting labeled as dangerous and the owner having to maintain insurance. I would suggest reinforcing your fence to.

  2. Rebecca Walton says:

    I own a brindle pit bull and we take precautions nessesary to keep our kids and everyone else safe. Pit bulls are not just your average house dog. My cooper is a good lovable old lug but I never allow that to blind me to his genetic makeup.

    • paul says:

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad to hear that you recognize the need for it. And I have no doubt there are some owners out there who are very responsible. Unfortunately, there are many bad owners out there who ruin it for the rest of those responsible owners. No bad owner ever thinks they are a bad owner. I have taken the deposition of people whose pit bulls got out and attacked two people in six weeks and they still thought they were responsible owners by leaving the dogs in a yard with an electronic gate that they open and close with a remove 6-8 times a day, every day to pull their cars out. You can’t pass an effective law that says: “only bad owners can’t have pit bulls, because none of them see themselves as bad, regardless of how obvious it may be to the rest of us. Our system right now gives the dog owner a free bite effectively and that’s just not fair to the victims.