Beeville, Texas Bans Cell Phones

The city of Beeville, Texas has announced that it will ban the use of cell phones and any other handheld devices for motorists who are operating a vehicle. The ordinance in question was only passed towards the end of November, but it is scheduled to become effective December 20th of this year. In accordance with […]

Baby Food Cup Recall Issued

It is particularly important that consumers remain alert to various food recalls. Recently, a small piece of rubber was found inside a baby food jar initiating a product recall for the grocery store chain, H-E-B. H-E-B announced that it has removed from its shelves its entire H-E-B Baby Food two pack, four-ounce cup product line. […]

Texas Department of Public Safety Warnings for Holiday Travel

The Texas Department of Public Safety has issued several essential pieces of advice for individuals who plan on traveling between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holiday season means increased traffic on road in Texas, and all motorists will be tasked with the added responsibility of making sure that the roads are safe. Texas law enforcement is […]

The Danger of Street Sweeper Accidents

Many motorists in Brownsville and the surrounding areas have not fully considered the danger presented by street sweepers. An accident occurred earlier this month when a Brownsville man’s pickup truck collided with the back of a traffic control vehicle that was part of a street sweeper unit operating along the highway. The impact caused the […]

The Danger of Child Pedestrian Accidents

Child pedestrian accidents are frequently catastrophic in nature. One example occurred recently when a child pedestrian was struck by an unidentified vehicle near the intersection of SH 185 and Fifth Street in Bloomington. The child was taken to a medical facility in San Antonio, where the child later died. In response to this accident, five […]

The Dangers of Car Accidents Due to Speeding

Speeding has the potential to cause a variety of serious accidents in the state of Texas. A school bus transporting members of the Stockdale High School Brahma Band was recently involved in a crash at Interstate 37 and SH 97 near Pleasanton on the way to one of the school’s football games. A truck and […]

Occupant Ejection From a Motor Vehicle

Law enforcement officials recently identified an individual who was killed in a motor vehicle accident. The motor vehicle driver is determined to have been driving on Highway 83 when he struck the rear end of a traffic-control truck that was located on the shoulder of the road. The driver was subsequently ejected from the motor […]

The Danger of Broadside Accidents

Last week, a vehicle was struck by another vehicle in downtown Harlingen. One driver was heading east on Van Buren Avenue when his vehicle was struck by a Mazda sedan traveling southbound on Third Street. Even though there is a traffic light at this intersection, the signal did not serve to prevent the accident from […]

Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle Near Victoria

Recently, a driver was traveling north on US 87 near Victoria when he struck a pedestrian who was running across the roadway. Emergency services subsequently found the deceased pedestrian in the median of US 87 and located the driver’s vehicle parked in both lanes of the northbound section of US 87. The vehicle’s driver suffered […]

Pedestrian Accidents in Corpus Christi

Severe pedestrian accidents can and do occur in Corpus Christ and the surrounding area. Last month, the former Miss South Dakota was struck by a pickup truck in Corpus Christi while she and her boyfriend were walking along the street. Unfortunately, like many accidents involving pedestrians that are struck by motor vehicles, this incident was […]

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