Small Houston Area Boy Dies After Pit Bull Attack

A four-year-old boy died Sunday after a violent pit bull attack, leaving a small community north of Houston stunned.  Animal control officers have since taken the pit bull into custody, but many area residents are in disagreement over who to blame for this terrible tragedy.  Some blame the parents of Christian Gormanous for not supervising him properly, while others blame the dog owners.

Unlike many pit bull attacks that occur, the dog involved in this tragedy was restrained when the child was attacked.   This incident is unique because the dog was chained up in his own back yard when the 4-year-old climbed over the chain link fence and approached the dog.  Officers speculate that Gormanous was trying to pet the dog when he was attacked.

People have expressed opposing opinions about who to blame for this attack.  Because the child was not under the supervision of an adult when the attack happened, some blame the parents.  Conversely, some blame the dog owners for having a dangerous dog in their back yard.  Still others shy away from blaming either party, and believe that this child’s death was just a terrible accident and neither party is to blame.

Even if you side with those who think placing blame is inappropriate in this situation, the fact remains that a child is dead.  It is human nature to try and rationalize tragedies of this magnitude, no matter how irrational the circumstances surrounding the tragedy are.

The parents of Gormanous will likely hire a dog bite lawyer and file a law suit against their neighbors.  Even if the dog was restrained, having a dog that is known to be dangerous or lethal in a residential area is controversial and possibly negligent.

We will continue to follow the details of this family’s case.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Gormanous family at this time.