Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., Reviews

Client Evaluations

At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., we strive for excellence in our work.  That’s why we cherish positive client reviews.  Below are some actual client reviews of our work which they have authorized us to share with you. Thank you, Texas, for letting us serve you.

“They took care of everything. I’m happy with the customer service and settlement.” -Adam S. 11/16/16

“They got me what I deserved…” -Elena B. 11/14/16

“They helped me through everything and I was very happy with the outcome at the end. Definitely recommend you to hire them if you had an accident.” -Juan E. 11/7/16

“Well-organized and professional staff. They handled my entire case with care and my best interest in mind.”
-Christine S. 11/3/16

“They fought for every penny and made sure my medical was covered. I would recommend them to anybody.”
-Maryclaire E. 10/27/16

“They did an excellent job of keeping me updated along the way and made sure I understood what was happening throughout the case.”  -John A. 10/27/16

“You can put your total trust in them to professionally guide you through the whole process…I did and I am happy and pleased with the outcome they secured for me.” -Dorothy T. 10/15/15

“I had excellent communication with assistants and attorneys. They all helped and made me feel like my case was being handled promptly.” -Jimmy T. 8/18/15

“It is easy to see why Simmons and Fletcher are at the top of their field.” -Donna M. 8/8/15

“The experience at Simmons and Fletcher is perfect. You always feel confident that you are in good hands with professionals, from the first contact with the secretary to the last visit with the attorneys.” -Gloria L. 8/7/15

“Simmons and Fletcher took care of all that was needed leaving me stress-free.” -Belinda S. 7/16/15

“They did a great job in handling my case and keeping me informed on the status of it being finalized.” -Angela C 7/14/15

“Absolute best people I’ve ever worked with. Any problems or questions I’ve had were solved and answered.” -Alyssa R. 2/20/15

“Simmons and Fletcher were great to work with. They handled everything.” -Stephanie T. 2/5/15

“Simmons and Fletcher are truly the best legal representative. They treat their clients with high priority through follow up calls and giving pieces of advice to ensure the best results. I highly recommend them.” -Oneyekachi U. 1/29/15

“I was very pleased with all interactions concerning my situation. My questions were always answered in a timely manner and I could understand the explanations given.” -Pat G. 1/27/15

“Very informative, friendly and caring staff. Would definitely recommend.” -Haley H. 1/22/15

“i’ve never had a attorney, but everyone was always kind, gentle and polite. They answered all my questions and were very helpful.  I’ve already referred several people to them. I’m glad I chose them.”-Mikisha V. 1/6/15

“Simmons and Fletcher took care of all things concerning me and the accident.”-Marguerite W. 11/7/14

“They were very helpful in my time of need.”
-Harold B. 7/21/14

“It was a pleasure doing business with Simmons and Fletcher. They handled everything very professionally, always kept me abreast of what they were doing and I was absolutely happy with the outcome.  They definitely give five-star service.”
-Gwendolyn T. 6/26/14

“Simmons and Fletcher did a great job of negotiating my medical fees and I was happy with the final results of my case. Job well done!”   -Deborah O. 6/24/14
“Simmons and Fletcher is a great dependable law firm.”
-Linda B. 6/17/14

“Simmons and Fletcher go the whole nine yards for their clients.”
-Lesia B. 2/12/14

“Simmons and Fletcher has surpassed my expectations and has helped me get my life back together and off to a new great start.”
-A Fleming 11/18/13

“Honest, work hard for their client, they don’t give up.”
-Marsha D. 12/4/13

“Thank you Simmons and Fletcher for making me feel just like family.”
-Cassandra D. 7/26/13

“It was a great experience. This was my first time ever dealing with a situation like this and it was made very easy.”
-Julio G. 7/24/13

“Simmons and Fletcher solved my case, fought for the money I deserved and treated my case like their own.
-Kanisha C. 8/19/13

“Simmons & Fletcher care for their clients. Even though my car accident was small dollar-wise, I was treated the same as if my case would bring them big revenue.”
-Lynn G. 8/6/13

“Simmons and Fletcher has made this accident process go smoothly. At first I was stressed and overwhelmed until they took over my claim. I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone.”
-Gilberto A. 8/9/13

“Simmons & Fletcher handled my personal injury case in a professional and caring manner which let me devote my time to healing and getting back to work.”
–Linda S. 5/1/13

“Simmons and Fletcher is an outstanding law firm that has a heart for God and the people they represent.”
–Andre C. 4/11/13

“I was hit by an uninsured driver and Simmons and Fletcher took care of all of my family’s needs and took great care in getting us what was owed. I would recommend then to anyone injured in an accident.”
–Sasha P. 3/26/13

“Made this terrible accident easy.”
–Julie S. 11/23/12

“I feel very comfortable that Simmons and Fletcher took very good care of my family.”
–Eunice T. 9/25/12

“Simmons and Fletcher did a great job.”
–Diane U. 2/4/12

“Thanks to Simmons and Fletcher my medical bills were covered and I received a fair compensation for my pain and suffering.”
–Ali 10/13/11

“Simmons and Fletcher is a very trust-worthy law firm. The associates are kind and very helpful. They also respond quickly. I am very happy with the outcome.”
–Raquel G. 10/21/11

“Very honest, professional, sincere and a wonderful Christian group.”
-Edgar F. 9/27/11