What Recourse Do I Have If Another Dog Attacks My Dog?

Under Texas Law, the damages you may recover for loss of a pet are limited to the reasonable cost of the pet unless the animal has some special characteristics that enable it to have a quantifiable value.

Texas Supreme Court Has Long Held That Pets Are Property

Since 1891, The Texas Supreme Court has held that household pets are mere “chattel” or “property” and thus, have no legally recognizable value other than the market value. On April 5th, 2013, the Texas Supreme Court had a chance to overturn this in the case of Strickland v. Medlen and declined not to.  That case involved a dog that had been rounded up by the animal control. The owner expressed interest in obtaining the animal’s release and went to get the money.  In the meantime, the animal was accidentally placed on the “euthanize” list and was killed. The owner sued for the value of the dog as well as for infliction of emotional distress and mental trauma.

According to the Texas Supreme Court, there is no recognizable cause of action for mental anguish for a piece of property.  Since they considered a dog mere property, the Supreme Court declined to allow any recovery for anything more than the dog’s fair market value.

Exception To the Rule

Where a dog has certain, verifiable characteristics that give it a measurable monetary value, more than just its fair market value can be claimed as damages.  If the dog is a show dog, for instance, with an actual earning potential, then you can show it had a higher value than it’s replacement cost. Barring these special circumstances, the value is limited to fair market value.

Injury To the Owner

If the owner suffers injury while defending his dog, then he may have a persona injury claim. If the dog has attacked before, then the dog’s owner will be strictly liable for the injured party’s damages. If it has not, negligence will have to be shown for liability to attach.

Report All Dog Bites To Animal Control

Even if you are not injured, it is very important that you report the attack to the local animal control. This helps them document the problem and makes taking action easier in the future if the owner does not get his dog under control. You may also wish to initiate proceedings to have the dog declared a Dangerous Dog under your local dog ordinances.

Speak To A Dog Bite Lawyer

Whether it was only your pet who was injured or you were injured too, it is worth while to speak to a dog bite lawyer about your case.  At Simmons and Fletcher, you can schedule a free no obligation consultation with one of our attorneys and discuss your legal rights and remedies.