18 Wheeler Side-Underride Accident Investigation

Truck Accident Investigation

The attorneys at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. are currently investigating an accident between an 18 wheeler and a Kia that left two dead. The collision occurred on Sunday evening around 10:25 p.m. on October 11, 2020, on FM 1960 at Richey near Humble, Texas.

The collision is was a side-underride accident where the 18-wheeler turns across traffic and an approaching vehicle goes underneath the trailer.  The top of the Kia was sheared off and both occupants were killed as a result of the collision.

Truck-Trailer Accidents

When a car collides with a truck trailer and goes under, this is known as a side underride accident. Side underride accidents include not only the type of accident described above, but include accidents where a truck is turning and the trailer strikes a pedestrian or cyclist beside the trailer causing them to be forced under the trailer and run over.

Preventable Accidents

Side underride accidents can be prevented by the use of side underride guards. Texas 18 wheeler accident attorneys have long called for the Federal government to pass legislation requiring trucking companies and operators to add side underride guards to their vehicles so as to prevent these types of deadly collisions. Rear underride guards are currently required to keep a rear-ending vehicle from going under. However, the trucking lobby has managed to stop side underride legislation from passing.

If you were an eyewitness to the accident or have relevant information, please contact the Humble police department as well as our offices.