2020 First Place Winner Christian Studies Scholarship

by Jadon Funk

Hello brothers and sisters! I would like to start by introducing myself and giving some background on Matt and Kathy Funk. Dad felt God leading him to California to find a church to lead. We arrived in Redwood Valley where he became a youth pastor for about a year. But he felt God was still leading him elsewhere and we landed in Twain Harte California where we have lived ever since. He was a youth pastor here for several years before being promoted to Sr. pastor where he is now at Twain Harte Bible Church. Being raised in the church has taught me so many valuable lessons and the Word is how I live my life daily. I aspire to one day be an early elementary school teacher where I can, in any way possible, impart the morals and example of a Godly man onto my students. Your help with this scholarship would be greatly appreciated. My father has three kids and a wife at home that he provides for on a preacher’s salary and therefore will not be monetarily contributing to my tuition costs. If you award me your scholarship, I will use it for my tuition costs to get a BA in liberal studies to be a teacher soon after college. The theme of a Christian leader in the classroom brings me to the main questions.

Christian education and Christian business leaders help IMMENSELY to guide and improve the moral fibers of the US and by extension, the world. There are many verses and passages in the Bible that stress the importance of Godly leadership. If we have people that live by His Word with how they lead the people under them, without a doubt, that organization works better overall and is blessed in the long run. Matthew 7:24 says, “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” We must put more Christian men in the leadership of our businesses, corporations, and most importantly, our government. Only with righteous people guiding our country will we start to heal from the sin that has taken hold of us now. World wide virus, rioting. There is so much hate in the world and what we need is God’s love to guide us. Unfortunately, the secular world doesn’t quite agree with those ideas, but I think when things get closer to the end times and get worse, more people will realize the Jesus is the only hope here.

Christian education has been an integral part of my upbringing. So, to sum up how that has benefited me I will only say, I will see you in Heaven! My parents have always done their best to lead their children and their church on a Godly path. I was raised in church leading worship, Easter and Christmas plays, I even was a youth leader for a year and I loved it. My Christian education and upbringing have hugely influenced how I live my life. As previously mentioned, I will use this scholarship money towards my tuition costs to become a teacher. I want to be a Christian example for those young kids as well as the staff of whatever organization I get to be a part of. I want people to see Christs’ light through me. How I talk, act, and treat others. I want them to see the difference in me and ask questions. I want to share my faith with them and hopefully lead them to Christ as well. I think that will be easier in a teaching position where leading and instructing is my job already!

On top of my teaching career, I also really want to be a youth leader and or worship leader in my church. I have always had a heart for kids and young adults and I would love to be able to guide them and watch them grow in the Word. I want to help them to see Christ’s love and be equipped with the tools to go out and share with others.  I also love to lead worship; At 13 I began to learn drums in school and started playing drums on the worship team. Then I started taking piano lessons for 4 years but we already had a very skilled pianist so I stayed drumming. A few years ago, I taught myself guitar and I got better and better until dad asked me to play guitar and sing on the worship team. I did that for about a year before I was asked to join the team of 5 worship leaders. The youngest team member in our church’s history. I would pick songs each week, assemble my team, and practice for Sunday. I have always loved serving in the areas God has gifted me in and I would like to continue to do so. Getting a teaching degree will provide me with helpful training and techniques to use. Hopefully, I can put these skills to use in the church as well as the classroom. Maybe become a youth leader or pastor or worship leader in whatever church I end up in. Wherever I go I know that God will provide for me and lead me to where He wants me to be.

Lastly, I would like to thank your organization. God instructs us to be generous with what he has blessed us with and I think helping young Christians on their path of education is an awesome way to live out the instruction. Even if I don’t get the award, I am still thankful for you all and what you do to bless students like me. Keep up the good work and God bless brother and sisters, thank you very much for your time and decision to bless others with what you yourselves have been blessed with!!