Astroworld Crowd Surge Lawsuits May Sound in Tort and Contract

The marketing world often says that “all publicity is good publicity,” but the mass injury incident at the Travis Scott Astroworld concert in Houston has made national news that proves this philosophy wrong.  As expected, lawsuits have already been filed by several of the injured victims of the Astroworld Crowd surge that resulted in 8 deaths and over 300 estimated injures.  But the injury claims may not be the only claims that arise from this event.  There are countless potential plaintiffs and defendants that could make this a very long, messy litigation.

Potential Claimants from the Astroworld Crowd Surge

NRG staduimThe Astroworld crowd surge’s most obvious claimants are the countless number of people who were trampled as the absolute lack of crowd control allowed 50,000 people to storm their way to the stage. But in addition to these victims, there is a potential for numerous breach-of-contract claims by people who lost income and products as a result of the early shutdown. Numerous food truck and restaurant vendors purchased perishable food products in order to be well-stocked for the multi-day Astroworld festival that ended after day 1.  Someone will have to pay for all of that food that went to waste and/or spoiled because the festival was only half as long as anticipated.

In addition to the above, a number of performers were out an entire day even though they spent the money to get their band, roadies, instruments, and gear to Houston for the event.  Carnival ride operators were present under the promise of two-days-worth of income. Getting that heavy equipment and gear there and set up does not come without a cost. No doubt people lost their money for early hotel cancellations and rearranged flight plans.

Potential Defendants

The lawsuits that have already been filed have named Travis Scott, Drake, NRG Stadium, Live Nation, and other obvious entities that may have been responsible for the lack of crowd control and lack of security.  But, no doubt there will be more to come as the names of the security companies that “planned” and provided security are identified.

Lawyers for the Astroworld Crowd Surge Victims

With a large number of injury victims and business people suffering losses from this tragedy, sorting out who is responsible and what claims are viable will be a daunting task.  An investigation by way of lawsuits being filed by private Astroworld crowd surge lawsuit lawyers as well as police investigators looking into criminal allegations has already begun. If you were a victim of the Astroworld crowd surge physically or financially and have questions, speak to an Astroworld crowd surge attorney today to learn your rights. Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., Injury and Accident Lawyers represent injury victims exclusively.