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Houston to Dallas in a Flash: The Texas Bullet Train Project

The Texas Bullet Train project has been discussed for many years and has finally received the federal approval needed to begin construction. The proposed bullet train project is estimated to cost up to 20 billion dollars and take an estimated six years to complete the... Read More >

Hit-and-Run Accidents are All too Common in Houston

Hit-and-run accidents are a weekly and sometimes daily occurrence in Houston and the surrounding areas. According to a report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Texas ranks number 8 in states with the highest number of hit-and-run accidents nationwide. Over 2000 people... Read More >

Coronavirus and Your Pets

The Coronavirus pandemic is enough to have everyone worldwide concerned about their health and safety, but what about your pets? How does the Coronavirus affect our pets whom we love so dearly? Unfortunately, there is still more to be learned about the Coronavirus and how it is... Read More >

Tanker Truck Rollover Accidents

Tanker truck accidents can be devastating. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association states 78% of tanker truck rollovers are due to errors made by the operator of the tanker truck. Depending upon what cargo the truck is hauling, the truck may explode when there is a... Read More >

Drowsy Driving: What Have We Learned?

Drowsy Driving: 2013 to Now Professional drivers must learn to combat drowsy driving. People who drive on Texas roads for a living know that there are many things out there and inside of your car that can and will distract even the most focused of drivers. Driving on the... Read More >

When Your Spouse Abducts Your Child and Takes Them Abroad

This scenario has to be among the top tier of a parent’s worst nightmares. Try to imagine this. Imagine yourself in a custody battle over your children. You, a law-abiding citizen, voluntarily relinquish physical custody of your children to their other parent for their weekend... Read More >

Who Pays When an Underage Driver Hits You?

On March 10, 2020, in Cypress, TX, a vehicle occupied by three 15-year-olds traveling on FM 529 ran a red light, and as a result, their car was struck as well as a third car. All three teens were taken to the hospital. The two passengers were confirmed to be in stable condition;... Read More >