Big Verdicts Mounting Against Johnson & Johnson in Talc Lawsuits

On March 13th, 2019, a California jury handed down a 29 million dollar verdict against Baby Powder manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson in a talc lawsuit.  The jury found that the talcum powder was a substantial factor in bringing about Teresa Leavitt’s cancer.

This verdict is one of many recent verdicts against Johnson & Johnson over their talc power and one of over 13,000 lawsuits alleging that the baby powder contains asbestos–a fact that the talc lawsuit lawyers allege Johnson & Johnson knew about but concealed for decades.

Recent Verdicts Against Johnson & Johnson

Other verdicts against Johnson & Johnson related to talc powder cancer claims include:

  1. A $417 million dollar verdict in favor of a woman in California that was later overturned.
  2. A $25.7 million dollar verdict in favor of a woman in California.
  3. A $4.69 billion dollar verdict in favor of 22 women in Missouri.
  4. A $72 million dollar verdict in favor of a woman in Alabama that was later overturned.

Federal Investigation of Johnson & Johnson

In February of 2019, Johnson & Johnson disclosed that they had received subpoenas from the United States federal government pertaining to their Baby Powder product and the presence of cancer-causing asbestos. The subpoenas came from both the Department of Justice and the Securities Exchange Commission.  The investigation is ongoing.

Johnson & Johnson Continues to Deny Allegations

Despite the mounting evidence and continued jury findings against them, Johnson & Johnson continue to deny that their products cause cancer.  They have indicated that they will vigorously defend their products and company against the thousands of talc lawsuits. Thus, a settlement without a fight is highly unlikely in these cases and claimants would be wise to consult an attorney who handles talc lawsuits rather than trying to handle the matter on their own.

Consult a Mass Tort Attorney

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