Car Hauler Accidents Make Unique Wrecks

Car carriers are a common sight on United States highways. They save dealers time and money in transporting vehicles for sale or resale. They also preserve the value of the vehicles they are hauling by not adding extra miles to them. Since just driving a new car off the lot drops its value by about 1000, this is important.

Unfortunately, car hauler accidents often cause substantial and unique damages due to vehicle design. You would be wise to retain the services of a Houston, TX car accident attorney if you are injured due to a  car hauler accident.

The Design Can Turn a Car Hauler Into a Launching Pad

Car haulers are designed to transport several normal-sized automobiles a long distance. They have a loading ramp in the back that allows the vehicles to be loaded and a platform or “deck” where the cars sit for the trip. Once on the deck, the deck itself has a hydraulic system controlled by levers that allow the vehicles to be shifted forward and back for loading and unloading. The vehicles are then secured using chocks, chains, and other devices depending upon the particular design of the car hauler.

So long as the car hauler does not get into a wreck, the design is fine. A problem arises when these vehicles get into high-speed or high-velocity collisions.  The design of the car hauler makes the deck a natural launching pad or ramp for the vehicles when they experience a jolt from behind or a sudden deceleration from the front.  We have also seen cases where a car hauler is rear-ended resulting in a car sliding forward and crushing the cab of the car hauler.

If properly secured, the vehicles should stay in place, even in a car hauler accident. However, failure to properly secure the load can result in small car hauler accidents becoming serious. If you are injured due to improperly loaded and secured cargo, whether you are the employee/driver or you are a person hit by the truck, you should speak to an attorney for a free case evaluation.

Car Hauler’s Obscured View

If you have never sat in the cab of a car hauler, you would have no reason to know just how obscured the driver’s view is in some of these. In many car haulers, the cars hang over partially obscuring the driver’s view. This can affect how far down the road he can see.

When you couple this lack of vision with other truck driving risks such as driver fatigue, you should realize this can be a recipe for disaster.  All truck drivers have a duty to maintain a proper lookout so that they can bring their trucks to a safe stop when necessary.  The only way you may ever know if this was a factor in your case, is to hire a lawyer to investigate your case.

How Weight and Stopping Distance Contribute to Car Hauler Accidents

A typical automobile can way 3000-5000 lbs. Because of this, there are strict limits and guidelines as to what type and weight of vehicles any one car hauler may legally carry at a time.  If a driver is caught overweight, the carrier gets slapped with just a fine.

Excessive weight makes a car hauler’s stopping distance drastically increase.  However, because the penalty is just a fine, many carriers are willing to gamble with this risk in order to maximize their profits. They are doing so by putting other drivers at risk. Uncovering these kinds of facts may make them liable for punitive damages for their gross negligence.  If you have been seriously injured in a car hauler accident, hire a Christian law firm you can trust to investigate these details and determine what damages your family is entitled to.  Our consultations are always free and contingency fee attorneys do not get paid unless a recovery is made.