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Carnival Triumph Passenger Conditions Appalling

The Carnival cruise ship Triumph is nearing the Georgia shore, and passengers finally have cell phone reception to get in touch with their loved ones and report the conditions on board the ship.  According to passengers on board the conditions are apalling; raw sewage is overflowing throughout the ship, passengers have suffered injuries, and they have had to wait in long lines for hours just to get a bite to eat.  That’s certainly not what they had in mind when they boarded the “Fun Ship”. How fast can you say cruise ship injury lawyer?

Carnival Ship TriumphWith raw sewage on the floors, no way to shower, and only two working toilets on a cruise ship, there is no worse recipe for infection.  Experts have concluded that a number of illnesses can occur from raw sewage exposure.  Passengers are at risk to contract Hepatitis, Encephalitis, bacterial infections, and many other maladies.

The boat was drifting at the whim of the sea for days, causing a very rough ride for passengers on board.  There have been several injuries reported on the cruise ship, but Carnival has not released any concrete numbers.  Carnival has been as tight lipped about the state of the ship and its passengers as it has been in previous cruise ship catastrophes.

Family and friends of the passengers on board have waited with bated breath for days to make contact, and now they are finally getting that opportunity.  Although the tug boat’s line did break and the ship is again drifting away from the Georgia shore, the passengers must be anticipating their arrival on dry land with anxious optimism.

All passengers will receive a full refund on their cruise, as well as a free cruise credit to use in the future.  In addition, Carnival is offering them an insultingly low $500 in compensation to all passengers for their ordeal.  To add insult to injury, Carnival is offering passengers a free 7 hour bus trip back to Houston!  I guess first class flights are not in their budget this year.  The last thing anyone on this cruise ship will want to do when they get on dry land is board a bus.

After enduring this vacation nightmare, passengers are encouraged to contact a personal injury attorney to seek justice for Carnival’s negligence.  Passengers have suffered traumatic mental anguish, pain, and suffering.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the passengers on board the Carnival Triumph.  We wish you all a safe and speedy return home.