What is Vicarious Liability?

Vicarious liability is a legal theory of liability that imputes liability from a negligent actor to another person or company for whom the negligent actor was acting on behalf of.  It is important in cases where the negligent actor does not have sufficient insurance nor assets to adequately compensate the victim of his negligence. In […]

Developments in Truck Accident Litigation: Side Underride Guard Non-Use

The debate as to whether trucking companies should be required to use side underride guards has garnished significant attention in the news as of late. New proposals to reduce the commercial truck driving age could mean more inexperienced drivers on the road—and this could mean more accidents.  Side underride guards are not currently required by […]

What You Need to Know About Big Rig Collisions

The Port of Houston is one of the busiest ports of entry in the United States. It handles more waterborne foreign tonnage than any other port in the country. What comes in on a ship usually leaves on a large truck. In fact, longshoremen often offload a ship’s cargo directly onto a waiting tractor-trailer, when […]

Maintaining 18-Wheeler Tires to Prevent Truck Tire Blowouts

The Federal Motor Carrier Regulations contain numerous rules regarding what kinds of tires may be used on different commercial motor vehicles and how they must be maintained. At a glance, the rules may seem excessive. However, they all have one goal in common—to prevent truck tire blowout. Truck tire blowout cases can be challenging to […]

Should I Report Unsafe Truck Drivers?

We have seen the number of truck drivers on the road increase substantially due to factors such as a growing economy and increased fracking in South Texas. With an increase of 18-wheelers on the road, unfortunately comes an increase of accidents. There are an estimated half-a-million truck accidents in the United States every year. In […]

Investigating the Texas Oversized Load Truck Accident Case

Every-now-and-then, you hear about a truck that tried to go under a bridge but struck the bridge because the oversized load was too tall or it was so wide it didn’t fit between the bridge pillars. In addition to severely damaging the truck and bridge, this often winds up with other innocent motorists being injured […]

The Dangers of Distracted Driving by Commercial Truck Drivers

Distracted driving is dangerous whether the vehicle is a passenger car, a motorcycle, a bus, a large truck, or another type of commercial motor vehicle. However, distracted driving by commercial truck drivers can present an increased risk. Large trucks and buses are much heavier than the average passenger vehicle. That means it takes considerably longer […]

Commercial Truckers are at High Risk for Workplace Injury and Death

Commercial trucking accidents are dangerous for obvious reasons. Because commercial trucks are so large and heavy, the occupants of the smaller vehicle are much more likely to be injured or killed in a car-commercial truck crash. However, the fact that truck drivers fare better in collisions with smaller vehicles doesn’t mean that they’re safe—on the […]

Hazmat Accidents Increasing on Texas Roadways

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Houston area saw more than 1,000 heavy truck accidents in 2017. Large truck accidents alone are cause for concern, but in some cases, the risk associated with a crash reaches far beyond the surrounding traffic. In 2017, about 10% of local large truck accidents involved hazmat incidents. What is […]

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