Why Texas is the Best State for Autonomous Vehicles Like Tesla

It was announced today that Tesla bought five million dollars worth of land outside Austin to build their next factory.  looking at the history of autonomous vehicle laws, this should come as no surprise. In 2011, The Nevada legislature passed laws that made Nevada the first... Read More >

Drowsy Driving: What Have We Learned?

Drowsy Driving: 2013 to Now Professional drivers must learn to combat drowsy driving. People who drive on Texas roads for a living know that there are many things out there and inside of your car that can and will distract even the most focused of drivers. Driving on the... Read More >

Car Hauler Accidents Make Unique Wrecks

Car carriers are a common sight on United States highways. They save dealers time and money in transporting vehicles for sale or resale. They also preserve the value of the vehicles they are hauling by not adding extra miles to them. Since just driving a new car off the lot... Read More >

Who Pays When an Underage Driver Hits You?

On March 10, 2020, in Cypress, TX, a vehicle occupied by three 15-year-olds traveling on FM 529 ran a red light, and as a result, their car was struck as well as a third car. All three teens were taken to the hospital. The two passengers were confirmed to be in stable condition;... Read More >

Interesting Innovations in Airbag Technology

Car accidents can be devastating, that’s why for years personal injury attorneys have been pushing for more advanced safety features in vehicles. Airbags are essential safety features in vehicles that have been saving lives and reducing injury.  As auto dealers continue to... Read More >

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