2019 2nd Place Christian Studies Winner

Truth: The Route to God and Christian Leadership By: Mary Beauchamp Truth is the path to God—only it brings us to Him. Attending a faithful Christian college provides a clear opportunity for finding Truth, and in turn, transforming students into humble yet powerful leaders that the world can depend on. This opportunity is one that […]

2019 1st Place Christian Studies Scholarship Winner

By: Alissa Danielle Langbehn It often seems like future students and potential employers discredit those who went to a Christian based university or college. They often look at the large, public universities that are well known and assume that those students receive a better education. While many of these large schools do offer an amazing educational […]

Second Place, Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., Christian Studies Scholarship

By: Olivia Thompson My name is Olivia Thompson, and I’ve had the absolute honor of receiving a Christian education throughout my entire life. When I was younger I attended Trinity Lutheran Church and School, in Minocqua, WI for my grade school years. Then I attended Luther Preparatory School, in Watertown WI, for my high school […]

First Place, Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. Christian Studies Scholarship

By: Frances Samson For the entirety of my education I attended Lodi SDA Elementary School and Lodi Academy, sister religious schools where it was emphasized on helping others; where the ‘Golden Rule’ was especially emphasized on. We were taught that it was a responsibility to help others, ministering to people through kind and charitable acts. […]