Cruise Ship Passengers Stranded at Sea Now Left Stranded by the Law

Being stuck on a cruise ship may sound like a good time, but thousands of passengers on a 2013 Carnival cruise got a hard lesson in reality when they were stranded on board in the Gulf of Mexico for five days. After a fire broke out in the engine room, the ship was disabled. Refrigeration […]

Criuse Ship Illness – Can You Sue the Cruise Line?

Cruising has many obvious pleasures – unlimited food and drink, onboard activities and events, excursions to ports of call in exotic locations – but it also has potential health hazards. If you become sick while on a cruise vacation, can you sue the cruise line? The answer depends on your medical expenses and other losses […]

Carnival Triumph Passenger Conditions Appalling

The Carnival cruise ship Triumph is nearing the Georgia shore, and passengers finally have cell phone reception to get in touch with their loved ones and report the conditions on board the ship.  According to passengers on board the conditions are appalling; raw sewage is overflowing throughout the ship, passengers have suffered injuries, and they […]