KMCO Plant Explosion Update – Shelter In Place

4/2/19. There was an explosion around  11:00am at the KMCO L.L.C. industrial plant in Crosby, Texas.  A large black cloud can be seen for miles billowing from the facility.  One death has been reported and several injuries as firefighters fight to put out the chemical plant fire. The KMCO, L.L.C. facility is a processing plant […]

Deer Park Plant Fire Poses Benzine Exposure Risk

ITC plant fire plume could be seen for miles across Houston on 3/17/2019. Despite the best efforts of firefighters and others to control the blaze at Intercontinental Terminals Company ITC plant fire in Deer Park , the fires at a Houston-area petrochemical plant engulfed at least 8 tanks and involved the release of a hazardous […]

French Chemical Company Indicted in Texas

Harris County Grand Jury Indicts Arkema for Crosby Plant Explosion On Friday August 3, a Harris County grand jury indicted French chemical company Arkema, and 2 officials, for a “reckless” chemical release that resulted in a chemical plant explosion during Hurricane Harvey. After sustaining almost seven-feet of floodwater, the plant lost power did not have […]

Kuraray American, Inc., Faces Lawsuit Following Pasadena Plant Explosion

Pasadena Plant Explosion On Saturday morning, a chemical plant explosion in Pasadena, Texas, resulted 21 injured workers. Investigators with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration were at the plant after the explosion and the Pasadena Fire Department Marshal’s Office pinpointed the cause of the explosion to a pressure valve failure. The fire occurred at around […]

Wright Containers Faces Felony Charges for Dumping Toxic Chemicals in Houston

On Friday February 2, a Houston container company was indicted for dumping toxic chemicals into the city’s storm drains. Wright Containers, along with owner Ronald Wright and general manager Gregory Hance, are each facing two counts of intentional water pollution and one count of improper disposal and storage of hazardous materials. The Office of Harris […]

Hazmat Accidents Increasing on Texas Roadways

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Houston area saw more than 1,000 heavy truck accidents in 2017. Large truck accidents alone are cause for concern, but in some cases, the risk associated with a crash reaches far beyond the surrounding traffic. In 2017, about 10% of local large truck accidents involved hazmat incidents. What is […]

Harvey Highlights Houston Hazardous Chemical Risk

Following Hurricane Harvey’s late August landfall, the Houston area and many other Texas communities were faced with another problem: exposure to hazardous chemicals. While these leaks, spills, burns and explosions were triggered by the extreme weather, they also served to shine a spotlight on the ongoing risks faced by many Texas residents. Hazardous Chemical Exposure […]

Valero Oil Refinery Explosion in Port Arthur, Texas

9/19/2017 Shortly before noon, a large boom followed by huge billowing clouds of black smoke rising into the sky was reported this morning coming from the Valero Oil Refinery located in Port Arthur, Texas. Authorities report that a heavy oil storage tank had exploded on the site. Which came first and the cause of the […]

Arkema Chemical Plant Explosion Claims

The recent Arkema chemical plant explosions in Crosby, Texas added to the chaos and stress in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Area residents were evacuated from their homes as dangerous chemicals burned. As plant management stood by and determined that the best course of action was to let the materials burn out, information about violations, […]

Preventing Forklift Trailer-Loading Dock Separation Accidents

What is a Trailer-Loading Dock Separation Accident? A trailer-loading dock separation accident is an accident that occurs when a forklift operator attempts to load/unload a truck trailer and it has moved away from the dock so that the forklift falls in the space between rather than passing smoothly from the dock to the trailer. They […]

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