What is a Hospital Lien?

A hospital lien is a right granted to hospitals and emergency services providers that allows them to claim payment for their services out of any money recovered by the injured person in a personal injury claim against someone who caused the injury.  The phrase: "hospital... Read More >

Who is Liable for Texas Apartment Fires?

The southwest Houston apartment fire that claimed the life of a hearing-impaired tenant earlier this month was just the latest in a string of residential fires this winter. Three home fires claimed lives on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning—two at private residences and one... Read More >

In Re North Cypress Medical Center

A Win for the Plaintiff or for Insurance Companies? On April 27, 2018, the Texas Supreme Court recently delivered an opinion declining a Writ of Mandamus in In Re North Cypress Medical Center Operating Co., Ltd. Although that was a “victory” for the Plaintiff, it may very... Read More >

How Do I Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer?

Finding the Best Personal Injury Attorney for You How do I find the best personal injury lawyer for me? After a serious accident, you want the best personal injury lawyer you can find to help you, right? But how do you locate a top personal injury lawyer? This article will... Read More >

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