When Routine Surgery Goes Wrong: Brain Damage Following Routine Surgery

The medical field has been growing and expanding with new technologies and more procedures becoming available. Cosmetic procedures to reduce weight, enlarge breasts or improve other aesthetics have become a routine phenomenon.  Private stand-alone surgery centers have popped up across every major city in the United States; making elective surgeries a daily occurrence. Surgery, once […]

Firework Safety

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, we wanted to share important information, as well as a few safety tips regarding the use of fireworks this holiday season. There are many stories around the world where one misplaced firework can lead to massive explosions. It is important to understand not only how to stay […]

On-the-Job Concussions Impact More than NFL Players

Over the past few years, the news has been filled with reports about the dangers National Football League (NFL) players, professional wrestlers and others face from repeated head injuries on the job. Earlier this year, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which was once believed to present a risk primarily to boxers, was discovered in 110 of […]

Another Houston Family Suing Center Point Energy After Home Explosion

The family of Eduardo Maltos is filing a lawsuit against Center Point Energy after Maltos was badly burned over 40% of his body in his Houston home.  The Maltos family and their neighbors had been filing complaints with Center Point for years because of the strong smell of gas permeating the air that concerned them.  Center […]

Why is the Use of BPA in Food Products Not Banned in the United States?

What is BPA? Bisephenal A, BPA at is more commonly known, is a synthetic estrogen used in many polycarbonate plastics.  It is also used to line canned foods and drinks. BPA is a known carcinogen and has been banned in many countries but not the United States. In fact, the latest move to ban BPA […]

Types of Personal Injury: Herniated Discs

One type of Spinal injury that is not uncommon in automobile collisions is a herniated disc (also spelled “disk”).  Between each of the vertebrae (bones) in the spine, there are soft cushions called discs.  These discs are similar in form to a jelly doughnut–they have a soft center with a shell exterior.  As we get […]