CenterPoint Energy Workers Injured in Gas Explosion

Seven CenterPoint Energy workers were injured in a natural gas explosion that happened on Friday, March 5th, 2021.  The explosion occurred in the 18700 block of Glenlock Lakes near Klein, Texas. Klein is an unincorporated territory within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of Houston, Texas.

The CenterPoint Energy workers were excavating to repair a gas line when they accidentally stuck another gas line.  That gas line erupted into a gas explosion that necessitated evacuating over 100 people from nearby homes. Fortunately, no damage to homes was reported.

The workers suffered second and third-degree burns as a result of the explosion. One firefighter also reported a burn injury.

Possible Texas Freeze Damage Consequences

The Freeze that swept across Texas catching ERCOT unprepared and resulting in thousands of homes without energy seems to have ongoing unforeseen consequences.  In addition to frozen water pipes, gas pipes froze and cracked in some areas posing explosion and/or gas poisoning risks.  Texas freeze death and damage claims continue to add up. The damage being repaired in this case may well have just been another result of the freeze.

Accidental Contact With Gas Pipes

There are several unanswered questions raised by this accident.  Gas lines are highly regulated.  Why weren’t the workers informed about the presence of the other gas line?  Why wasn’t the location marked off? It should have been identified and marked off before they ever began excavation.  It sure appears that someone dropped the ball.

Industrial Accidents and Gas Explosions

Gas explosions are deadly. If you suspect your gas pipes are leaking, get away from the area immediately and call 911.  Do not risk trying to identify the source of the leak.

Due to the strong presence of the oil and gas industry in and around the Houston area, industrial accidents involving gas explosions are more common to Houston than one might think. If you or your family are injured due to a gas leak or gas pipe explosion, talk to an industrial accident attorney about your legal rights.