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Chobani Yogurt Recall Affects Kids’ Champions Line in Houston Texas

The Chobani yogurt recall affects about 5% of their products in stores, but I was surprised to find the recalled batch number on the Chobani Champions tube variety (marketed towards kids) in my refrigerator this morning.  If you live in the Houston area, specifically the suburb of Katy, Texas please be advised that the recalled yogurt was sold (an may possibly still be for sale) in local grocery stores.  The yogurt in the recalled food contains mold that can make you and your children sick.

Chobani Yogurt Recall Details

The affected Chobani yogurt batch contains the numbers 16 – 012 Chobani Yogurt Recallwith expiration dates ranging from September 11 to October 7.  While Chobani initiated a voluntary recall when people began complaining about swollen packages and unusually consistency and taste, today the FDA officially intervened issuing a federal Chobani yogurt recall.  According to the FDA, the yogurt is contaminated with mold that while common in yogurt products, may cause illness.

If you have purchased or consumed Chobani yogurt from the recalled batch, please contact care@chobani.com with concerns and product replacement details. If you suspect that the yogurt has made you or one of your family members sick please notify the FDA’s local Texas rep at 855-630-2112.

Suspicious Chobani Recall Details

According to a representative from Kroger, Chobani issued a “product withdrawal” on Friday, August 30, 2013. Unlike product recalls, product withdrawals are issued voluntarily by food producers because of non-food safety issues.  It is suspicious that a product withdrawal should be followed so quickly with a government food recall just a few days after.  It indicates that Chobani was aware of the mold contamination and took action first to remove contaminated food products from shelves quietly to lessen their legal liability. Shouldn’t they have issued a voluntary product recall first to protect consumers and prevent illness from mold contamination?

Chobani Champions Yogurt for Children Affected by Recall

The Chobani yogurt recall does affect batches of Chobani Champions children’s yogurt, as I found out when I looked in my refrigerator this morning.  When Chobani issued the product withdrawal quietly to vendors and grocery store distributors on Friday, they should have issued a public statement to consumers as well.  Especially considering that the affected products include the Champions yogurt tube variety that is marketed for and popular with children.  Unfortunately the box of Chobani Champions Dragonberry flavored yogurt is one of two; the other box has already been eaten.  If you consumed the affected yogurt and become ill, please see your doctor and contact us for a free case evaluation at (713) 932-0777 today. We have decades of experience fighting for victims of faulty and recalled products in court.