Choosing the Right Personal Injury Lawyer after an Accident

If you have suffered personal injuries and financial losses after an accident in Houston, you need to know your legal options. Depending on the circumstances and facts surrounding your crash, another party might be legally responsible for covering your accident-related losses.

To determine whether it is worth your time and effort to pursue a claim, consult with a local personal injury attorney. A good lawyer can analyze the accident and the events leading up to it, assess your losses, effectively communicate your legal rights, and help you make an informed decision on how to move forward.

Finding the right lawyer may be crucial to your claim’s success, so don’t cut corners when searching for the right legal representative for your case. Learn about what qualities to look for in a potential injury attorney below.

Do they Have the Right Qualifications and Experience?

questionsFirst, you want to search for a personal injury lawyer that has the right qualifications to handle the ins and outs of your claim. Primary factors that will determine whether an attorney is qualified to handle your case include what field of law they are most experienced in and which case types they specialize in. According to the Colleges of Law, there are at least 21 different fields of law, so you want to be sure that the attorney you hire is specifically qualified to handle your type of accident.

For instance, if your accident involved a defective product, then you want a lawyer who focuses on product liability claims. If your accident involved a doctor or healthcare provider, then look for an attorney who focuses on medical malpractice. If your accident occurred on someone else’s property, your lawyer should be qualified to handle premises liability cases. So on and so forth.

Do they Have a Successful Track Record?

Next, you will want to consider an attorney’s past case results. Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. has won millions of dollars for our clients in a variety of case types, including over $11 million for a claimant who suffered brain damage due to and electrocution burn injury. Check out more of our firm’s past case results to get a better idea of the types of cases they’ve handled before.

Do they Have a Good Reputation?

It is important to make sure the personal injury attorney you choose to work with has an overall good reputation. You can check out what past clients have said about them or their firm by doing a quick Google search. An attorney with a bad reputation might not be worth your investment. Remember, you only have one shot at seeking out a personal injury claim.

Do They Have Time to Take on Your Claim?

Qualifications, past results, and reputation are all crucial, but they won’t make a difference if you hire a lawyer who doesn’t have enough time to devote to your case. Before you hire an attorney, ask them how many claims they typically handle at one time. Consider asking if they have legal aides or other staff members handle certain aspects of their claims. This will give you a better idea of how seriously the lawyer will take your case moving forward.

The Importance of Hiring the Right Personal Injury Attorney

If you were harmed in an accident, don’t make the mistake of hiring the first lawyer you come across on Google or social media. Make sure to do your research and choose a personal injury lawyer who’s qualified, experienced, and has the time to take on your case.

If you’re in the Houston area and you’ve experienced a personal injury accident, consider scheduling a free case evaluation with our attorneys now to learn more about your legal rights and options moving forward.