Second Place, Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. Christian Studies Scholarship Winner

By Cristina Pierce

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to attend a prestigious college, not
for the name, but for the opportunities I would be given. Although I am from a small rural
community in California, I have relatives in Texas who boast about their favorite college sports
team, Baylor, engraving the name into my mind. I would like to attend Baylor for the
opportunities of success in my future career as an English professor, and as a self-published
writer, I believe my skills in writing would benefit the Baylor community through the essays I
would aim to publish and journalistic organizations like school newspapers or journals.

The main characteristic of Baylor that initially intrigued me is the religious draw of the
school. Having attended King’s Christian school from kindergarten to eighth grade, I am familiar
with heading to chapel every Wednesday to listen to the sermons of different speakers every
week, hearing Jesus’ parables and how the morals of the stories can be applied to everyday life.
I loved having the subject of Bible in my curriculum, and I was greatly disheartened when I
learned my parents were no longer able to afford the Christian school, leaving me to resort to a
public school with no religious affiliation or classes. Attending Baylor would allow me to return
to studying my subjects in school under a religious influence and again make it a regular part of
my day even in school.

I also believe that Baylor’s ability to aid students in their future careers even after
graduation is another characteristic that drove me to apply. My desire to become an English
teacher at a collegiate level is not exactly easy to accomplish alone, but with the help of a
college to support me in my endeavors and possibly even hire me after graduating is something
I am looking for in a college. Baylor, I have learned, has a great reputation for having graduate
students who are able and successful in the careers of their choice.

As a writer too, having an extensive network is also a quality that I have sought after in
the colleges that I visited. In the summer of 2016, my tour guide at Baylor described her
experience as a business communications major and how the school introduced her to not only
internships, but also to a network of people who could be her potential employers after she
received her degree. That system of connections could help me phenomenally in publishing
more of my works, whether my new pieces are additional essays, novels, or reviews.

Through the writing of my novels, I have greatly improved my writing skills, which can be
beneficial to the Baylor community. Not only do I plan on publishing more of my novels, but I
also hope to find other means of using my creative ability, perhaps as a journalist for the school
newspaper or a playwright for theatre arts. I am also currently involved in many programs that I
wish to remain in through college as well, such as student body leadership, where I am able to
help make my school campus a more exciting and lively environment for learning. I love to be
involved in school, and I would benefit the Baylor community with my passion for learning and
writing and school spirit.

Overall, I feel Baylor is a great match as a college for me, and I believe I am a great
match as a student for Baylor. By looking at my transcripts, I may seem like the average
straight- A student, but I am truly much more than simply my grade point average or my
standardized test scores. I am a student who pushes herself to exceed the expectations of both
my peers and teachers. I am compelled to achieve great things and to make a difference in the
world through these passions like my writing and my desire to profess the grandeur of English
and the influence of literature throughout time. I have high expectations for myself, and Baylor
is one of them.

About the Author:

Cristina Pierce is the Second Place Winner of the 2017 Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. Christian Studies Scholarship. She is a graduating High School Senior from Lemoore, California who will be attending Baylor, University in the fall of 2017. Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. is proud to help her pursue her dreams at a Christian University.

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