First Place, Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., Christian Studies Scholarship

By: Megan Enouen

It is my wish for my roots to grow deep in the Lord, and to build my life on His foundation, and what better time to do that, than in college. It is as I mature into an adult that my faith can really grow in truth. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to attend a Christian university for the particular atmosphere, contingency, and experience. Starting in the upcoming fall semester, I will be engaging in a Christ centered educational experience at California Baptist University for the completion of my collegiate studies. There, I will be challenged to become an individual whose integrity, skills, and sense of purpose glorify God and distinguish me in the workplace. By attending a Christian school, I know I can gain the best education for not only my mind, but my soul too. I want to surround myself with the believers, and the doers, because I see myself as a little bit of each, but most of all, I want to surround myself with those who see and bring out the greatness in me when I can’t see it in myself. By doing so, I will be better equipped to witness to other people on any ordinary day. Cal Baptist’s motto is “Live Your Purpose,” and I believe by attending this Christian school, I can solidify what I believe my purpose is, and live it out. I don’t want to just glide through my education, I want to grow through it.

So far in my life, I was home schooled through middle school, and attended a public high school. I am excited to see what God presents to me through the Christian college that I will be attending. Apart from Christ, I am not much at all, that is why it is important to me to be a part of an educational system that invites me to see and understand the world around me through the perspective of God’s truth. I understand that a Christian education is framed around a particular perspective anchored in Jesus. A Christian education is not just a way of understanding, but a way of living too. I am seeking a degree in architecture with worship ministry. God commands us in His word to glorify Him in song. I believe that worship is one of the most beautiful ways to communicate with our Lord. I want to be a vessel to help lead others closer to God through worship.This particular type of education will be beyond valuable for my studies and future as it enhances, as well as strengthens my Christian background.

My heart has always been filled with a strong passion for giving, and oh am I filled with so much joy every time I let my heart have the raines. There are two community service projects I have enjoyed most. One of them is ongoing as the lead bass guitarist in a worship band, and the other was leading a Vacation Bible School for a poor community. I was given the opportunity to be the bible study teacher for kids in preschool up through sixth grade. There is nothing more beautiful and fulfilling, than leading youngsters to Christ. I had seven kids come up to me through that week and accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. It was sad, however, to see that many of the kids didn’t change their clothes from day to day, or were only able to shower every other day. But I do know that all of us that volunteered for that Vacation Bible School touched kids lives no matter how minuscule the job was. We reminded those kids of the hope they have through Christ, and gave them a good time in an atmosphere where they were loved. To this day, I still have the drawings that a four year old and six year olds drew me as a reminder of how many more we will get to see in Heaven one day.

Ultimately, having the capacity to do what is right no matter the circumstance, means to have the integrity to choose what is right based off of values rather than personal gain which is what makes up our moral values. I fully believe that a Christian background heavily influences the moral fibers in today’s world. My parents are grounded by their strong faith, and have owned their business for over seventeen years. Seeing them first hand as Christian business leaders, it is apparent that it is those people who enhance the moral fibers of the world around them, and lead their team of colleagues to the God given vision of the company. When people walk into my parents medical office, they feel a sense of security that is encouraging. For as far back as I can remember, they’ve had a Christian radio station always playing, and they have scriptures upon a few walls. By following their vision, they are focused on the one who gave them it all. They live out their faith within their business helping others feel their best, and I can’t think of a greater example of how to run my future business. By having the obedience to do what they are called to do, they are able to glorify the King.

I hope to be the kind of person that is real, and sincere when it comes to running my architecture firm. Architecture is very personal when it comes to designing and building something that someone will call home. I hope to also be empathetic as well as sympathetic when it comes to working with people. Alongside architecture, I desire to be in some sort of leadership position in the world of worship ministry. I understand that the most important virtue within the moral fibers of humanity is a servants heart, and that is what I wish to exemplify as a Christian business leader. My success and monetary value as an architect and worship leader will come after I put God first in everything I do.

On paper, looking at the numbers, titles, and grade point average of my student life, it may seem that I am just a typical straight-A student, but I am much more than that. I challenge myself to exceed expectations set in place before me, and I do that with integrity. My Christian background has already influenced my own moral compass. I have no doubt that my future Christian education will continue to shape my moral values. As I come to an end, I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my application to this generous scholarship.

About the Author

Megan Enouen is the first place recipient of the Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., Christian Studies Scholarship. Megan will be attending California Baptist University in fall 2018 to pursue a faith-based education. We are happy to support Megan in her future education and congratulate her again for her accomplishments.

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