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Frightening Drunk Driving Related Car Accident Stats in Houston Continue to Rise in 2013

Harris County is Drunk Driving Capital of Texas

Harris County has earned an embarrassing nickname: the drunk driving capital of Texas. Some of Houston’s most popular nicknames like “Mission Control”, “Space City”, and “H Town” are preferable, but there’s no disputing the statistics that earned Houston this shameful pseudonym. Texas already has one of the highest drunk driving accident and fatality rates in the United States, so Harris County’s status as the drunk driving capital of Texas is an exceptionally dishonorable distinction. Drunk driving car accidents & the number of fatalities resulting from them in Houston and Texas are slowly but steadily rising, and so far the 2013 alcohol-related fatality rate in Harris County is poised to exceed both the 2011 and 2012 figures if the trend continues.

Frightening Drunk Driving Death Stat Comparison of Harris County, Texas, and US Figures

Houston Drunk Driving Car Accident Fatality Stats Compared to Texas and US

Frightening Drunk Driving Death Stats in Houston Area

Drunk Driving Prevention Tools & Educational Information

The most effective way to put an end to drinking and driving and alcohol-related accidents is to provide educational information about the dangers of drunk driving, as well as giving people transportation resources so that they have options if they do drink.

Let’s face it, we can’t expect people to stop drinking alcohol altogether, and most never will. The key here is to provide alternative modes of transportation for people who choose to drink that are easily accessible when and where they need them.
Drinking and Driving Prevention

DrinkingandDriving.org is provides several resource that offer concierge-style taxi service that will drive a person’s car home for them AND give them a safe ride home.

There are also many safe driving programs for colleges, universities, and cities run by volunteers who provide a safe ride home for FREE to those who need it listed on the website. This organization also provides colleges and communities with the resources they need to start a drunk driving prevention or free safe ride home program to keep their local communities safe.

While organizations like MADD have been instrumental in piloting legislation to prevent drunk driving; DrinkingandDriving.org provides real drunk driving prevention & intervention tools, educational information, and resources for everyday people.

Allen Porter founded and runs this drunk driving prevention organization which provides  tangible tools to stop drunk driving in the field, not just promoting the idea of drunk driving prevention with statistics and lobbyists like some high profile organizations. He devotes all of his time and resources to running and maintaining the organization to prevent drunk driving in the United States. It’s a big undertaking, but Porter is undaunted. He continues to bring drunk driving prevention tools and organizations together with one mission: stop drunk driving and the unnecessary fatalities and debilitating injuries that it causes.
Report a Drunk Driver Hotline in Houston
If you see a drunk driver on the road or suspect that another driver is under the influence and driving dangerously, report the drunk driver to the authorities immediately. Call the Houston Report a Drunk Driver Hotline at 1-800-525-5555 or dial 911 and they will redirect you to the appropriate party.  Failing to report a drunk driver is the same as not reporting any other life-threatening situation you witness. Whether you witness someone with a gun pointed at their head, or you see a drunk driver swerving on our public roadways, it is your duty as a citizen to report them to protect the families of our community from grave danger.
Together We Can Stop Drunk Driving Deaths and Injuries in Houston, Texas
Visit www.drinkinganddriving.org to see the drunk driving prevention resources available in Harris County and across the United States. Take the pledge to never drink and drive, and invite your friends and family across the Houston to do the same thing. Our community must unite to end the drunk driving epidemic plaguing our great city and take steps toward preventing this careless behavior before any more of our friends and family members are lost unnecessarily in drunk driving accidents.