Another Houston Family Suing Center Point Energy After Home Explosion

The family of Eduardo Maltos is filing a lawsuit against Centerpoint Energy OfficeCenter Point Energy after Maltos was badly burned over 40% of his body in his Houston home.  The Maltos family and their neighbors had been filing complaints with Center Point for years because of the strong smell of gas permeating the air that concerned them.  Center Pont Energy responded to many of the complaints, trying to fix the leak and running tests.  Unfortunately for Eduardo Maltos the tests and repair attempts were unsuccessful, causing a huge explosion when he ignited a lighter in his garage causing a massive explosion that blew the garage door off of his home with him inside.

Victim Severely Burned

The Maltos family says that Eduardo is burned beyond recognition.  He is scheduled to undergo several surgeries and skin grafts in an attempt to repair the disfigurement caused by the burns.  He will have a long and painful road to recovery, but his family is by his side to offer comfort and support to this 31-year old family man and father.

The Maltos family has hired an attorney, who filed a motion for a temporary restraining order against Center Point Energy so that evidence can be gathered for their case.  The Maltos family is claiming that Center Point Energy was negligent because they did not enforce safety measures that would have prevented the incident.  They are presumably seeking to recover a settlement for damages both physical and mental. A personal injury attorney can and should be retained quickly on a contingency fee basis to assist in these types of claims. Otherwise, valuable evidence may simply vanish before the real story can be uncovered.

Two Children Sue Center Point Energy After Being Severely Burned

This is the second lawsuit filed against Center Point Energy in under a month.  Another Houston family sued Center Point after they were badly burned by an unsecured live wire hanging in their backyard as they played.  A 5-year-old boy and a 3-year old girl suffered a tremendously forceful shock that knocked them unconscious and left severe burns over their bodies that they are still being treated for.  When the children’s father heard the loud noise he ran outside and found them both unconscious and the little girl on fire. He was able to put out the fire and revive her using CPR.

If these claims are found to be true in court, Center Point Energy has a lot of explaining to do.  Both of these horrific tragedies were a shock to our community, and both families want justice for the victims.  A burn injury lawyer can assist you if you or someone you know suffers injuries due to a gas leak in the home.  Houstonians deserve better service than this.