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With over 2 million people living in the City of Houston, it is no surprise that traffic can become overly congested very quickly. Whether it is construction, bad weather or reckless drivers, if there is heavy traffic on the road, there is a way for you to know about it. Below is a list of mobile applications you can use to not only help you check traffic before getting on the road, but also help you find alternative routes when the delays are too long.

Combating Houston Traffic with Mobile Apps

Mobile apps that were created specifically to help people evaluate the traffic surrounding them include:

  • Houston Emergency Radio: This mobile app allows you to follow emergency incidents in real time. By geolocating live emergency incident responses for Houston, this app provides you with the location of potential traffic problems in the area.
  • Houston TranStar: This app provides traffic information directly from Houston TranStar and other relevant sources. It is free to download and provides users with updated speed information from roadway sensors, as well as traffic times.
  • INRIX Traffic: This is a traffic, navigation and parking app that allows you to check traffic cameras in real-time and view individual reports from other users abut accidents, road conditions and police activity. You can share your estimated arrival time with your friends and family, as well as set up smart alerts that tell you when to leave and help find alternate routes that become availble during your drive.

Many local news stations also have mobile apps that provide comprehensive information about the city they serve. In addition to breaking news and weather, these apps also provide unique ways to check the traffic in Houston before you leave the house:

  • ABC 13 Houston: This app allows you to see your morning commute through an interactive traffic map.
  • KHOU11 Houston News and Weather: The KHOU mobile app includes estimated traffic times and video footage of traffic cameras in the Houston area.

There are many different navigation applications available for download, some of them provide accurate and updated information about heavy traffic in the area. Both applications listed below are great resources drivers can utilize before getting on the road to help ensure their trip is fast and efficient:

  • Google Maps: Other than navigation, Google Maps is a great resource for those looking for real-time ETAs and traffic conditions, as well as those who are looking for real-time transit information.
  • Waze: This mobile app gives you active updates on traffic, hazards, police activity, crashes and more. It also shows you other users along your route, who contribute to these updates by reporting incidents they experience along their drive. If traffic becomes heavily congested along your route, Waze will give you time-saving options.

Other Helpful Houston Mobile Apps

Finding local resources online can be difficult at times. We have complied a list of various Houston mobile apps that can be used to more effectively accomplish tasks within the city:

  • Harris County Public Health: This mobile app is a one stop shop for Harris County public health information. From Environment and Food Services to Animal Services, the Harris County Public Health Department created this app to help protect and improve the health of those living in and visiting the area.
  • Houston Methodist Virtual Care: This Houston Methodist app works in partnership with Online Care Group for American Well to provide 24/7 access to urgent care providers. From diagnosis to prescribing medication when necessary, this app allows Houstonians to access medical treatment whenever they need.
  • RideMETRO: Developed by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, this app provides access to METRO‚Äôs online resources, which include: mobile ticket purchasing, updated weekly schedules and arrival times, and ways to contact the METRO Police Department.
  • Telemundo Houston: This is a Spanish mobile app that provides local and national news, including an interactive radar and update weather maps.

How to Prevent Traffic in Houston

There are ways every driver can prevent contributing to heavy congestion on the road. Always drive the speed limit and avoid any distractions, such as using your phone or eating food. Be aware of all roadway conditions and be courteous to other drivers on the road. You never know what is going on a few miles ahead of you, so stay calm and always drive cautiously.

If you start to experience car problems on the road and become stalled, the City of Houston provides free towing services within a mile of your car breaking down. Simply call 713-881-3333 to access the free towing service.

More Information About Driving in Houston

In addition to free towing services, there are other rules and regulations set in place to keep Houston drivers safe and prevent unnecessary accidents, ultimately reducing the amount of time spent on the road. One example of this is the vulnerable road user ordinance, which requires and prohibits specific actions from Houston drivers when operating a vehicle near road users who are particularly vulnerable, like cyclists and utility workers.

Another way to keep up with the growing trends in Houston traffic is to follow our blog. We write often about serious car accidents in Houston, as well as important lawsuits dealing with car and truck accidents in the Houston area. For more information call 800-298-0111.

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