Houston, TX – Shannon Deville Identified in Fatal Three-Car Wreck at Hempstead Rd & W 43rd St

Houston, TX (September 14, 2021) – On Sunday morning, September 12, one woman died and another woman sustained serious injuries after a three-car accident occurred in Houston.

The wreck, which occurred on Hempstead Road near West 43rd Street around 2:30 a.m., was an apparent chain-reaction collision. Officers with the Houston Police Department released their initial reports, indicating that a Chrysler sedan rear-ended a red Ford pickup truck that was stalled in the road.

The pickup truck’s driver told investigators that a male driver and two women passengers were traveling in the sedan. The driver left the scene to get assistance but said all three were alive when he left. Moments after the first crash, a maroon Dodge pickup truck hit the Chrysler from behind.

First responders rushed to the scene and discovered a woman dead in the backseat of the Chrysler. She has since been identified as Shannon Deville.

Another woman traveling in the front passenger seat, identified as April Ward, received treatment at the scene. EMS units then transported her to a local hospital in an unknown condition. The driver of the Chrysler left the vehicle before the second crash and did not suffer injuries.

HPD officers say their investigation is ongoing and have not released further details at this time.

Fatal Vehicle Accidents in Houston

Houston, TX - Shannon Deville Identified in Fatal Three-Car Wreck at Hempstead Rd & W 43rd StAccording to Texas Department of Transportation officials, recent data indicate that there were more than 12,00o car crashes across the state in 2018. As a result, nearly 15,000 people sustained serious injuries.

Unfortunately, almost 1.29 deaths occur per hundred million vehicle miles traveled on major roadways throughout Texas, making the fatality rate statewide particularly high.

Fatalities and serious injuries from these collisions are an ongoing issue in large city centers. From Houston or Austin to other populous areas like San Antonio and Dallas-Fort Worth, these denser areas see serious collisions. Due to increased traffic on major thoroughfares in these metro areas, serious car accidents in Texas are all too common.

Texas accident victims may suffer from long-term physical issues, costly medical bills, job loss, and even death. When victims die, grieving families must pick up the pieces. But victims and their families can and should contact an injury lawyer in Houston for guidance.

In some cases, a skilled car accident attorney in Texas can help victims get justice. You may be able to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit after the negligence of another driver leaves you in a tough position.

Houston Wrongful Death Attorneys

If you’ve sustained injuries in a crash or even lost a loved one due to an accident that occurred through no fault of their own, talking to a dedicated Houston wrongful death lawyer is in your best interest. An attorney can review all of the facts surrounding your case. Your legal team will then determine if you have the right to pursue compensation.

Furthermore, an attorney will tailor their advice to match your specific needs. Whether you’ve sustained injuries yourself or lost a loved one, it’s important to reach out to a skilled lawyer. You don’t have to endure the aftermath of a wreck alone.

If you’ve suffered in a wreck caused by another party’s reckless or negligent actions, reach out for help.

Insurance companies are not on your side after an accident. Furthermore, adjusters may not offer you fair, full compensation to cover your losses. Make sure that you protect yourself and your loved ones from the very beginning. Contact a lawyer to protect your victim’s rights and the rights of your family members today.