Houston, TX – Victim Injured in Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Crash at 5514 Griggs & Sunrise Rds

Houston, TX (April 29, 2021) – Officers with the Houston Police Department are looking for a vehicle that fled after hitting and seriously injuring a pedestrian on Thursday evening, April 29, in Houston.

Authorities say that the incident happened at 5514 Griggs Road and Sunrise Road near the Metro 5514 apartment complex around 11:30 p.m. Paramedics were dispatched to the scene shortly after the incident occurred and transported the victim to an area medical center. Their current condition, as well as their identity, has not been released. HPD officers did not say whether any other victims sustained injuries in the crash.

The accident is still under investigation, and police have not released details about the suspect driver or their vehicle.

Texas Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Houston, TX - Victim Injured in Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Crash at 5514 Griggs & Sunrise RdsThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s injury and fatality crash data show a notable increase in pedestrian fatalities year over year. In fact, fatal pedestrian incidents in large city centers and growing metro areas have increased by 3.5% in the last decade. Furthermore, nearly 10% of the almost 8,000 pedestrian accidents that occurred in Texas last year resulted in fatalities. Though traffic fatalities are declining overall, pedestrians remain vulnerable because they don’t have the protection of safer motor vehicle technology, meaning that they may succumb to their injuries after a crash.

Pedestrian accident victims in Texas may suffer from long-term physical issues, costly medical bills, job loss, and all-too-often, even death. But the victims and their families who are affected by a serious Texas accident can and should contact an injury lawyer in Houston for guidance. In some cases, a skilled accident attorney in Texas can help victims get justice and a full and fair settlement from a personal injury lawsuit.

Reaching out to an attorney for a hit-and-run accident in Houston is in your best interest if you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a pedestrian crash and the other driver flees the scene. An attorney can review all of the facts surrounding your wreck to determine if you have the right to pursue compensation for the injuries and losses you sustained in the accident. They will tailor their advice to match your specific needs. Whether you’ve been involved in a collision or lost a family member in one of these collisions, it’s important that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Remember that insurance companies are not on your side.

If you’ve sustained injuries in a pedestrian accident that occurred through no fault of your own or your loved one has died in a fatal pedestrian accident, make sure you protect yourself and your loved ones from the very beginning. Contact a lawyer to protect your rights and the rights of your loved one as soon as possible.