Another Mass Tort Involving Johnson & Johnson

 Johnson & Johnson’s Recent Mass Tort History

2019 was a rough year for Johnson & Johnson when it comes to mass torts. They agreed to settle claims against them over Risperidol for hefty sums after getting popped for an 8 billion in a jury verdict. Simultaneously, they were battered with million and billion-dollar talc verdicts for the alleged presence of asbestos in their talcum powder products. To add insult to injury, 2019 Johnson and Johnson and DuPoy created a billion-dollar settlement fund for defective hip implants.  Each of these mass tort lawsuits involved allegations that Johnson and Johnson and/or its subsidiaries failed to properly label and warn of serious risks.

Better Warnings Needed Perhaps?

Every time you see a drug advertised on television, there is a litany of warnings and disclosures that follow—many of which sound worse than the condition the drug treats. In light of the history of getting popped big over inadequate warnings and drug defects, you would think Johnson and Johnson would have warning labels that cover every possible scenario on drugs going forward.  You would also think they would go back and immediately revise warnings on every drug they already have on the market to make sure every possible risk is covered. You would think that by 2020, all their mass tort woes would now be behind them.  Think again.

Elmiron Lawsuits 2020

For Johnson and Johnson, 2020 brings yet another class of mass tort claims—Elmiron Lawsuits.  These lawsuits are gunning for Johnson and Johnson Subsidiary, Janssen. Individual lawsuits have begun popping up in America as a potential class action has launched in Canada.  These lawsuits allege that Elmiron manufacturers failed to warn the public their interstitial cystitis treatment drug causes a permanent retinal injury to the eye of long-term users.


While none of the Elmiron lawsuits have gone to trial yet, this will likely be another costly litigation for Johnson and Johnson and other companies involved. Johnson & Johnson and Jannsen deny the claims made by plaintiffs.  Only time will tell what the results of those cases will be, but, perhaps this will be the one that finally gets all drug makers’ attention regarding better testing and better warnings.