What You Need to Know About Thiamine (Vitamin B1) Deficiency

Thiamine deficiency a/k/a Vitamin B1 deficiency can have very serious health consequences if it is not caught early.  It is the cause of disease such as Wernicke-Korsakoff Encephalopathy. Thus, you would think doctors would be very cautions about looking for this and catching it early. Yet, we have seen several cases where the vitamin B1 deficiency was not diagnosed until it was too late.

What is Thiamine (Vitamin B1)?

Thiamine a/k/a Vitamin B1 is an essential mineral that assists in the breaking down of carbohydrates in the human body.  Oddly enough, the human body cannot produce this necessary mineral, it must be consumed via diet. Vitamin B1 is contained in many foods. Foods that contain Vitamin B1 include: rice, flour, cereals, beef, liver, dried milk, legumes, potatoes, poultry, eggs, nuts, oats, peas, oranges, pork, seeds, legumes, pastas, tomatoes, and yeast.

What are the Symptoms of Thiamine Deficiency?

When someone suffers from Vitamin B1 deficiency, there are several symptoms that may develop.  Some of these include:

  • Body weakness or inability to carry out routine daily functions.
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Strange emotional/psychiatric responses to the chemical imbalance including: night terrors, panic attacks, extreme responses to otherwise normal stressors.
  • Irregular heart rate.
  • In extreme cases, Wernicke Encephalopathy and/or Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome.

What Should You Do if You Suspect a Vitamin B1 Deficiency?

Thiamine HCL

If you suspect that you may be suffering from a vitamin B1 deficiency, seek medical care immediately. Express your concern to a qualified physician. If the condition is caught early enough, a Vitamin B1 shot can cure the condition. Failure to catch and treat this condition can result in permanent catastrophic injury.  If you suspect you have signs of Wernicke Korsakoff Syndrome or Wernicke Encephalopathy, seek emergency medical care immediately. If you suffer from this condition as a result of a failure of a doctor to diagnose this condition, a call Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. for a free consultation.

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