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Right of Way Accidents

One individual was recently killed in a two vehicle accident that occurred 14 miles south of Falfurrias on Highway 281 southbound. Another additional individual was airlifted to a nearby medical facility, while three other victims from the accident were taken to a nearby medical facility. A pickup truck carrying four people attempted to turn around a cross-over but the truck’s operator failed to yield the right of way, which resulted in the pickup being struck by a second vehicle. The driver and passenger in the second vehicle were treated at a nearby medical facility with non-life threatening injuries. Cross-over accidents involving cars, motorcycles, or trucks are frequently catastrophic in nature because these accidents often involve head-on collisions between vehicles, resulting in serious injuries and even fatalities.

How to Decide Who Has the Right of Way

There are some important rules that motorists should remember to follow regarding who has the right of way, which include the following:

  • Drivers Backing up Should Always Yield to Drivers in the Road. Motor vehicle drivers who are in the process of backing up must remain cautious of passing vehicles.
  • Drivers at Four Way Stops Should Allow Whomever Arrives to Go First After Stopping. This rule allows motor vehicle operators the ability to decide who should be allowed to proceed first when multiple vehicles are at an intersection.
  • Drivers Located in a Roundabout Should Yield to Motor Vehicles Already in the Circle. Motor vehicle drivers should always remember to follow this rule and that the right of way will move to the right.
  • Follow Road Signs. Motor vehicle operators must remember to obey signs that notify drivers that they do not have the right of way.
  • Merging Drivers from an Onramp Always Have the Right of Way. In these situations, motor vehicles drivers must remember to adjust a motor vehicle’s speed and position in such a way as to avoid an accident.
  • Pedestrians in a Crosswalk Always Have the Right of Way. Motor vehicle drivers should make sure to remain alert for pedestrians.
  • Yield to Emergency Vehicles, Stopped School Buses, and Funeral Processions. Motor vehicle operators must always remember to respect the right of way of these special kinds of motor vehicles.

Tips for Motor Vehicle Operators When Merging

Merging on roads is often an important part of driving patterns after a motor vehicle driver determines who has the right of way. Motor vehicle operators should remember the following pieces of advice when merging with traffic:

  • Always remember to cross only one lane of traffic at a time safely while merging rather than attempting to travel across several lanes in one motion.
  • Inspect a motor vehicle’s blind spots and make sure that a motor vehicle has enough space in the flow of traffic to merge safely.
  • Motor vehicle drivers should always signal 100 to 300 feet in advance of their intention to merge so that other drivers on the road can be aware.