Second Place, Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., Christian Studies Scholarship

By: Olivia Thompson

My name is Olivia Thompson, and I’ve had the absolute honor of receiving a Christian education throughout my entire life. When I was younger I attended Trinity Lutheran Church and School, in Minocqua, WI for my grade school years. Then I attended Luther Preparatory School, in Watertown WI, for my high school years. Next year, I will be attending Marquette University in Milwaukee WI, and while I’m there I will be studying Business Accounting.

Having this Christian education my entire life has benefited me greatly. I did not realize how blessed I was to have had this opportunity, but as I have gotten older I realized that my Christian education has prepared me greatly for all of the pressures of the world. Having God’s Word everyday and being surrounded by those of the same faith as me has helped me grow into the person that I am today. This Christian education has given me the most basic concepts of life such as; how to treat others, how to lead others, and how to trust God above all else.  These three basic concepts have helped me greatly and I believe that they need to be shared and taught to people everywhere. I plan to enter the Business world after college and spread these morals because I believe they can help boost the moral fibers of our world.

As I stated earlier I attended Luther Preparatory School which is located in Watertown, WI. This high school is roughly three and a half hours away from my home, which at first terrified me. However, after being there and being surrounded by people that share in my faith, I turned out loving the school because it was the same that I had grown up with. Luther Prep did an excellent job of teaching me how to stand firm in my faith, and how to encourage others in faith. Next year as I continue on at Marquette I know there will be those with different beliefs and those who have no faith. I hope to share my faith with those people and to lead them to God’s Word. Through my Christian education, more specifically in high school, I was prepared to go out and spread God’s Word, and that is what I plan to do while at Marquette and after Marquette when I enter the Business world.

Not only did Luther Prep help me grow in my faith but it also helped me become a very independent person at such a young age. I was 14 years old when I started at Luther Prep. The transition into high school is never easy, but for me it was harder to enter a new period in my life without any family or friends nearby. When it came time for my parents to say goodbye and go home it was very hard for me to let them go, I was alone and faced with the challenge of leaving my comfort zone. Most kids in high school have friends from their childhood as a safety net as they enter high school. However, I didn’t have that comfort entering high school. For me it was very hard, but looking back at it this was one of the best things for me. It has prepared me for leaving for college, and not constantly relying on my parents in every situation I face. This also prepared me for those big moments in life when you have to step out of your comfort zone, such as when sharing your beliefs with others. It will also help me in the Business world when faced with doing the right thing even if others are not. My mother has always taught me to take the narrow path, meaning always do what is right even if it’s the path to take.

Continuing my education at Marquette University was a big decision for me. Marquette is a Catholic college and I have always attended Lutheran schools. Although there are not many differences between the two religions there are certain things that they disagree on.  Nevertheless, I am excited to experience the religion courses I will be taking throughout my college years because it will show me what others believe compared to what I have been taught my entire life. Also it will be a great opportunity for me to be strong in my faith, and to share it with my peers. This is the number one task as a Christian and I cannot wait for this opportunity.

I believe that a Christian education is something that everyone should have at some point in their life. When you learn to put God above all else your decision making becomes more about what would be acceptable to God rather than acceptable to man. I see that in the world today we have taken God out of the picture in many aspects, which has led to a decrease in our morals for society. Having a Christian education teaches you morals that help you be a better person and it gives you a new outlook on life. Instead of doing the bare minimum, you want to go out and do everything to the best of your God given abilities. Although our morals as a society have decreased in certain aspects, I believe that with more and more people that have been raised with a Christian education we can bring back the higher standard of what is expected. With my Christian education I can help lead others in the business world to do what is morally right and to not take shortcuts.

Christian business leaders have been given the ultimate duty to display their faith through the decisions and morals they live by. They are able to let their faith shine before others and make a difference in the business world. Having more and more Christian leaders could overall help the Business industry become a strong and trustworthy industry. I have always been taught to be honest and to have integrity in everything I do. This has helped me succeed in many aspects and it could also help many Business leaders succeed as well.

In conclusion, my Christian education has prepared me greatly for the next few years to come, and I am excited to be continuing on at Marquette University. I hope to take in all of the opportunities I can when it comes to theology courses and religious works around campus. I plan to lead by example of doing what is right, and letting my Christian light shine before others. After my four years at Marquette I will take all the lessons I’ve learned from my Christian education and I will apply them to my position in the Business world.

About the Author

Olivia Thompson recently graduated from Trinity Lutheran Church and School in Wisconsin and is the second place recipient of this year’s Christian Studies Scholarship. She will be continuing her faith-based education at Marquette University in the fall.