Spring, TX – Man Killed in Work Accident at 3800 Louetta Rd & Ella Blvd

Spring, TX (April 23, 2021) – Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a man is dead after a work accident occurred at an automotive shop off of Louetta Road in Spring on Friday afternoon, April 23.

Emergency responders were called to the scene at the 3800 block of Louetta Road near Ella Boulevard shortly after 3:00 p.m. Dispatchers received reports that a vehicle had fallen off of a lift and onto an employee. Paramedics arrived on the scene shortly afterward but pronounced the victim deceased before he could be transported to a hospital.

Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office were investigating and have not released further details about the incident.

Fatal Workplace Accidents in Texas

Spring, TX - Man Killed in Work Accident at 3800 Louetta Rd & Ella BlvdAccording to recent data released by the U.S. Department of Labor, fatal occupational injuries in Texas increased by nearly 25% in the last year alone. In fact, almost 5 per 100,000 full-time employees died after they sustained injuries in a workplace accident in 2019. As a result, Texas was the number one state for fatal work accidents across the nation, with a large number of employees suffering critical injuries and later dying.

Though they may not occur as often as vehicle collisions, these workplace accidents are an unfortunately common reality of life in the Lone Star State. Furthermore, victims of work accidents in Texas may suffer from long-term physical issues, costly medical bills, job loss, and sometimes, even death. When victims succumb to their injuries, families are left to pick up the pieces and negotiate with worker’s compensation agencies or large insurance companies that protect their loved one’s employer. But the victims and their families who are affected by a serious Texas work accident can and should contact an injury lawyer in Houston for guidance. In some cases, a skilled attorney in Texas can help victims get justice and a full and fair settlement from a personal injury lawsuit or a wrongful death lawsuit.

It’s imperative that you talk to a dedicated workplace accident attorney in the Houston area if you have been injured in a work accident or a loved one has died as a result of one of these incidents. An attorney can review all of the facts surrounding your case to determine if you have the right to pursue compensation for the injuries and losses you sustained. They will tailor their advice to match your specific needs.

Whether you’ve been involved in a work accident or lost a family member after one of these devastating incidents, it’s important that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Insurance companies are not on your side, especially those protecting companies in the aftermath of a work accident. Don’t let insurance adjusters twist your own words to use against you. If you’ve sustained injuries in an accident that occurred through no fault of your own or your loved one has died in a fatal accident, make sure you protect yourself and your loved ones from the very beginning. Reach out to a lawyer to protect your legal rights.