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A Survey of Unique and Unusual Car Accidents

Auto-Airplane Accident

The pilot of a single engine plane traveling from Hondo to Corpus Christi made an emergency landing last month near a Pleasanton airport after the plane’s engine failed. The plane’s pilot attempted to maneuver the plane into a landing at the airport, but the plane descended too quickly. The plane’s pilot was forced to land on a road located less than one mile from the airport. In the process of landing the plane, however, the pilot struck the roof of a motor vehicle. While the pilot was taken to a nearby medical facility with non-life threatening injuries, the occupants of the motor vehicle were not injured due to the collision. This situation is a strong example of just one of the many kinds of unusual car accidents that happen each year. This article will describe some of the most unusual ways in which car accidents in the United States have recently occurred.

Stacked Cars

In August of 2015, three vehicles ended up stacked on top of each other in a multiple vehicle car accident. One of the drivers claimed that her vehicle was rear-ended while stopped, which caused the vehicle to lift up. Although the pile-up destroyed the cars involved, fortunately only one individual in this accident experienced minor injuries.

Ejection onto a Sign

There have been several reports of motor vehicle drivers and passengers ending up on freeway signs. In one case, a motor vehicle driver’s automobile flipped several times, ejecting the driver onto a freeway sign. Damages in this case were particularly complicated because many individuals reported watching the disturbing accident occur.

Car Accident Involving a Pole

In 2015, a vehicle drove up a utility pole which resulted in the vehicle getting stuck at nearly a ninety degree angle. The motor vehicle ultimately ended up landing on a guide wire. Fortunately, no one was injured in this accident. Ultimately, emergency services were able to remove the vehicle from its perpendicular position.

Vehicle Flips into Residential Yard

A Corvette was speeding through a residential neighborhood, collided with a curb, flipped into the air, and ultimately landed upside down in a residential yard. The motor vehicle driver died due to this accident and a passenger sustained injuries, as well.

Pizza Shop Accident

An elderly man’s foot allegedly got stuck on the accelerator of his vehicle. The man subsequently drove into a pizza restaurant. While worried bystanders contacted emergency services, the driver proceeded to place an order for a pizza while still inside his vehicle. Sources reported that the man was not seriously injured due to the accident.

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