Texas Farm Bureau Claims

What to Expect When Filing Texas Farm Bureau Auto Claims

Texas Farm Bureau is the largest Texas-based insurance provider of comprehensive insurance. They sell not just auto insurance, but also homeowners, farm and ranch, life and health insurance. The company itself is active in promoting and voicing the concerns of the Texas farm community.  They are headquartered in Waco, Texas but offices can be found throughout the State of Texas, particularly in smaller communities. They do business as Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters, Texas Farm Bureau Casualty Ins. Co., Farm Bureau County Mutual Ins. Co. of Texas, and Texas Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co.  They are not related to Farmers Insurance.

Texas Farm Bureau Claims

Some of the most common consumer complaints on the online review websites are that the adjusters can be difficult to reach when you are filing a Texas Farm Bureau claim. They are a relatively small insurance company serving over 300,000 customers statewide. Since Texas is a large state and customers are spread out through the rural areas, you can imagine that the adjusters are busy keeping up with large areas. It is not surprising that adjusters for Texas Farm Bureau’s claims may seem hard to reach at times to someone who is struggling to get back on the road and/or back to work.

Insurance Companies and Delays in Paying Claims

When any insurance company delays paying a claim, they are making money for the insurance company. Your claim is simply one out of tens if not hundreds of thousands being handled at any given moment. The longer payment of those claims is delayed, the more interest the company earns off the premiums that were collected to cover those claims. What this means for the claimant is—your interest in getting a speedy settlement and getting on with your life is in direct conflict with their interest in delaying payment.

How Can A Car Wreck Attorney Help Move Your Texas Farm Bureau Claim?

An attorney who handles car accidents can often help get your claim with Texas Farm Bureau resolved faster.  A skilled car accident lawyer is familiar with the things that may slow down your case and can help you get the necessary documentation gathered and presented in the best way to enable a prompt evaluation. Some of the things an attorney can assist with is:

  • Helping you obtain the necessary documentation from medical providers and employers to document why and how long you were off work.
  • Confirming and negotiating hospital liens, child support liens, Medicare/Medicaid liens, and health insurance subrogation claims.
  • Obtaining your medical bills and medical records to document your losses.
  • Preparing and presenting a Stowers demand to put pressure on the insurance company to settle in a timely manner.

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