Drunk Driving Accidents

Hit by a Drunk Driver? We Can Help.

Drunk driving accidents are a real problem in the State of Texas and are responsible for numerous serious injuries and deaths. Reports from the Texas Department of Transportation show that there are over 15,000 collisions involving drunk drivers

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every year. Further, 3773 lost their lives in auto collisions involving drunk drivers in 2016 alone.

Causing the death of a person while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a crime known as intoxication manslaughter and is punishable by jail time in the State of Texas. But sadly, this statute has wholly failed to be an effective deterrent against those who chose to consume more than the legal limit of  alcohol and get operate a car.

Lack of Insurance Coverage in Drunk Driving Accidents

Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases the actual damages and injuries that a victim of a drunk driver sustains is compounded by the fact that the irresponsibility and negligence of a person who drives while intoxicated tends to extend to other areas of that individual’s life. Often a person who will get behind the wheel of a car, endangering the lives of people like you and your children, will not have enough (or any) automobile insurance.

Things You Should Know About Drunk Driving Accidents

Due to the lack of sufficient insurance issue often faced by the victims of drunk driving accidents and the serious injuries drunk drivers can cause due to their extreme gross negligence, our attorneys understand the need to pursue other avenues of recovery on your behalf. This includes negligent employers who over serve employees at work functions, as well as bars and restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages to already intoxicated patrons. You must have a drunk driving accident lawyer who will consider all the options and answer all your questions.

Some questions you should be asking are:

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Justice for Victims Injured or Killed by a Drunk Driving Accident

At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., we have a team of drunk driving accident attorneys that stand ready and able to fight for your rights with dispatch and integrity. Although on the surface a lawsuit for injuries caused by a drunk driving accident may seem cut and dry; the reality is that these types of cases require detailed investigation.

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