Steps to Take After A Car Accident

Accident Checklist: What should I do after a car accident?

after a car accident

Accidents are sadly very common. Yet few people ever stop and think about what they can do to be prepared for these predictable events. When they do happen, the excitement of the event makes it very easy to overlook things that need to be done. Below are important considerations you should take into account if you are ever involved in an automobile accident. At the bottom, you will find a downloadable checklist of steps to take after a car accident while you are still at the scene. Keep it in your glove box just in case an accident happens.

Assess Injuries and Seek Medical Attention When Necessary

First and foremost, if you are involved in an automobile accident you need to assess all injuries and determine if an ambulance is required. Often, individuals experience a rush of adrenaline after a car accident and do not feel their injuries until time has passed. Remaining safe after a car accident is the most important thing, so any injuries sustained should be examined by a medical professional as soon as possible. For more information on this please see: Obtaining the Medical Care You Need After a Car Accident.

Move to a Safe Area

If you can steer it, clear it. That is the rule in Texas. If you can safely move the vehicles out of traffic to a safe area, you should do so. If you cannot do so safely, you can wait for the police to arrive to assist in this process. Fore more information on this, read about your legal duties after a car accident.

Contact the Police and Request an Accident Report

Always call the police when an accident occurs. Regardless of the severity, be sure to request an accident report. This helps ensure no facts about the accident can be skewed. There are some habitual bad drivers who use fake insurance information and may change their story after the accident. This is just one step you can take to protect yourself from this kind of negligence.

Photograph and Document Everything

Take photos of everything involved in the car accident.  One of the great aspect of smart phones if having a quick convenient way to document things at your fingertips. Use your phone to take pictures of the following:

  1. The vehicles
  2. The defendant
  3. The other driver’s insurance card and driver’s license
  4. The police officer’s name and badge number
  5. License plates
  6. Business cards of the tow truck driver, witnesses etc.

From property damage to insurance cards, documenting each aspect of the initial accident can help ensure you are fully protected. Storing the information in your phone can be beneficial since little things like cards and written notes can be lost easily in the wake of a car accident. Additionally, you should just down in the notes section of your phone the name, address and phone number of any eyewitnesses.

Download a Free Checklist

We have created a free one-page checklist that you can keep in your glove box in the event you are involved in a collision. This will help remind you of everything you need to document when the time comes. Download the free Car Accident Checklist now.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, call us at 1-800-298-0111 for more information on what to do next. Our car accident attorneys understand how complex these accidents can be. Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., has been helping victims seek proper recovery since 1979. Our initial consultation is always free and our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis; so if no recovery is made, you don’t pay use a dime. If you are a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of another driver contact us today.

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