St. Bernard Dog Bites

St. Bernard Bite Injuries

st bernardThe St. Bernard is a well-known and iconic canine perhaps most widely recognized as the dog who was Nana in the movie versions of Peter Pan. Originally bred for search and rescue, the St. Bernard is very large in size and is often a very affectionate dog.

However, due to the St. Bernard’s average weight of 140 to 264 pounds and its approximate height of 27 ½ to 35 ½ inches, the dog can present a serious danger if not properly trained. St. Bernards can put children at risk simply by jumping on the kids, but the dogs can also become aggressive if not socialized as puppies.

St. Bernard bites can be devastating, as the dog is one of the largest breeds in the canine kingdom. If you or a loved one has been injured by a St. Bernard, it is important to take action and make sure that the dog’s owner will cover the costs of your damages. At Simmons and Fletcher, our dog attack attorneys have handled many cases involving St. Bernards as well as other potentially dangerous breeds and we can put our legal knowledge to work for you.

The Dangers of a St. Bernard Attack

Even a friendly encounter with a 200+ pound dog could potentially be dangerous, especially to children and to those who are not able to stand up well on their own. When a St. Bernard bites, however, the consequences can quickly go from dangerous to deadly. A St. Bernard attack can cause fatalities or can cause very serious injuries, including brain damage from being knocked over by the dog. Broken bones are very common in St. Bernard attacks, as are cuts, bruises, and scarring.

Injuries sustained as a result of a St. Bernard bite or St. Bernard attack have a cost associated with them. You may need to miss work and pay medical bills, and you may suffer from emotional damage. Contact us to learn your rights.

Let Us Represent You after a St. Bernard Bite

A bite by a St. Bernard can be traumatic enough, but trying to deal with the recovery process as well as with the legal aspects  can become very complex. Leave the legal issues to the dog bite lawyers at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., so you can focus on getting better.