Números de teléfono de control de animales del área de Galveston

A quién llamar para denunciar un ataque de perros si vives en el condado de Galveston

Galveston County encompasses a large number of communities. While some like Galveston and Texas City are incorporated with their own Animal Control, others like Hitchcock and Bayou Vista are not. Thus, it can be confusing to determine who to call when a dog bite occurs.

Número de teléfono de control de animales de la ciudad de Galveston

Si vives en los límites de la ciudad de Galveston, puedes llamar Galveston Animal Control en: 409-765-3702. The number is open for reporting animal bites 24 hours, even when the offices are closed. They will not take calls of dogs merely running at large after hours unless a bite/attack is involved.

Número de control de animales del condado de Galveston

Si un perro u otro animal te muerde en áreas no incorporadas de Galveston, debes llamar Control de animales del condado de Galveston en: 409-948-2485. It is more commonly known as the Galveston County Animal Resource Center or “ARC.” The number applies to the following territories: Bayou Vista, Hitchcock, Kemah, La Marque, and Tiki Island. These areas are not incorporated municipalities and thus, do not maintain their own Animal Control Services apart from Galveston County. The ARC is also the local rabies authority where citizens are required by County Ordinance to report animal bites, scratches or attacks.

In the event that you cannot reach animal control, you should contact the Galveston County Sheriff at: (409) 766-2300 for animal attacks.

Número de teléfono de Texas City Animal Control

Texas City maintains their own Animal Control Department. You can reach Texas City Animal Control by calling: 409-643-5720. En caso de que no puedan ser localizados, puede llamar a la policía de la ciudad de Texas City para informar un incidente: 409-643-5720.

Consulte a un abogado de ataque de perros

If you have been injured due to a dog attack, contact Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. for a free consultation regarding your rights. We have been servicing people in Galveston county since 1979. Ley de mordedura de perro can be very tricky to negotiate without a guide who knows the law. Call us for a free consultation: 1-800-298-0111.

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