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Abogados de lesiones de cuidado infantil

abuso infantilNothing is worse for a parent than getting a phone call that your child has been seriously injured or killed. Yet for thousands of parents across the United States, this becomes a reality at a time when they have no control over the situation—while the child is at a daycare facility. When you get that call, you need to know there is a Houston daycare accident lawyer you can call to discuss your legal options. At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., we understand how sensitive and enraging these matters are. You trusted your child’s welfare to someone who held themselves out as qualified and they failed to do their job. Call us today for a free consultation at 800-298-0111 and learn your legal options.

Estadísticas de cuidado infantil

Lamentablemente, los trabajadores de cuidado de niños a menudo trabajan en exceso y están mal pagados. En 2017, un estudio de Child Care Aware showed that over 1,345,000 children under the age of 6 were in need of childcare in Texas. Almost 15 million kids under the age of 6 need child care nationwide. In Texas, there are 56,660 daycare workers who are paid an average wage of $20,700.00 annually. We pay so little to whom we trust with so much. When something goes wrong, you need a daycare accident lawyer you can trust. Call Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. at 800-298-0111 for a free no obligation consultation regarding your child’s case.

Cómo suceden los accidentes de cuidado infantil

Supervisión negligente por parte de los trabajadores de guarderías

There are many ways in which children can suffer injuries while in a daycare facility. Most of these fall under the umbrella of negligent supervision of the daycare workers and/or inadequate job training. Some of the most common injuries to toddlers involving this include:

  • Lesiones a los niños pequeños al tratar de gatear fuera de las cunas y caerse o pellizcarse los dedos
  • Lesiones a los bebés al rodar mesas para cambiar pañales
  • Heridas por asfixia en alimentos, juguetes u objetos pequeños
  • Las lesiones de los cochecitos o los juguetes de montar colapsan
  • Lesiones por caídas de columpios y otras estructuras de juego

Todas las lesiones anteriores pueden y deben evitarse con la supervisión adecuada.

Lesión debida a juguetes, cochecitos, cunas o equipo defectuosos

bebé en cuna

Los niños que no se han visto en cunas pueden lastimarse tratando de escapar.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission monitors reports of defective children’s products and orders recalls when they prove to be unsafe. Your child care provider has an obligation o keep up-to-date on what items are not safe to be around your children. Some examples of items recalled that your daycare should not be using are as follows:

  • Tienda plegable IKEA para niños
  • Taller de juguetes Little Tykes
  • Phil & teds USA Silla de mesa con clip
  • Cerraduras de gabinete Push-n-Snap

Si su hijo resulta lesionado por un producto defectuoso, llámenos para una consulta gratuita con respecto a sus derechos legales.

Abuso infantil y negligencia infantil

Desafortunadamente, no todas las lesiones a un niño en una guardería son un accidente. Hemos visto casos de golpear y golpear a niños hasta casos de abuso donde un niño fue colocado intencionalmente en agua hirviendo con 3rd Quemaduras de grado. Si sospecha que su hijo ha sido víctima de abuso o negligencia infantil en una guardería, llámenos para una consulta gratuita.

Conozca los signos del abuso

Children who have been abused may not always show physical signs, especially if they are victims of sexual abuse. They may even be threatened and scared into not talking by their abuser. It is important to watch for changes in your children’s behavior and or personality and to take action if you fear your child is being abused. Some of the most common signs of abuse are:

  • Miedo a ir a lugares a los que solían ir regularmente, como la guardería
  • Expresando miedo a una persona en particular
  • Regresando en sus comportamientos tales como
    • Enuresis
    • Negarse a hablar
    • Aferrándose a los padres
    • Mordaz
  • Actuar o rebelarse
  • Cambios extremos en su estado de ánimo o actitud
  • Mostrando un interés inusual en las actividades sexuales
  • Más lento que el desarrollo mental normal en comparación con los compañeros
  • Pobre calificación en la escuela
  • Baja autoestima, ansiedad o depresión
  • Signos físicos de lesión

Denuncie el abuso infantil: es la ley

If you suspect that your child may be abused, seek medical advice immediately. Talk to your pediatrician about your concerns. If you have knowledge that your child or any child is being abused call the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Abuse Hotline: 1-800-252-5400. Texas law requires adults having knowledge of a child being abused to report same. Failure to report child abuse is a crime in Texas.

Problemas de licencias y seguros en Daycares de Texas

Unfortunately, licensing and insurance requirements can be a problem in Texas daycares. The State of Texas does not impose strict licensing and insurance requirements on many daycare facilities. Texas divides child care facilities into three categories for purposes of regulation:

  • Casas familiares con licencia,
  • Hogares de cuidado infantil registrados, y;
  • Hogares de cuidado infantil con licencia.

The regulations and restrictions that apply to the people watching your child vary based upon its classification. None of them are required to carry liability insurance. This can leave small mom and pop daycares to shut down and file bankruptcy to avoid liability when they injure a child. Furthermore, homeowner’s insurance does not cover injuries that occur on the property while conducting a business activity such as operating a daycare. Thus, home-run daycares are rarely covered by liability insurance and their owners are often judgment proof in Texas.

Para obtener más información sobre esto, consulte:

Llamar a un abogado de accidentes de guardería de Texas

If your child has been abused, neglected or injured at a daycare facility, call a Houston daycare accident attorney and learn your rights. If we take on your case, we will investigate the claim, determine whether there is insurance coverage, negligence and potential liability and advise you of your rights. We do not charge you a dime if we do not make a recovery. Call Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. today at 800-298-0111 for a free no obligation consultation.

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