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drillshipSimmons and Fletcher, P.C., wants to help you and your family if you or a loved one has been injured in a drillship accident. We have successfully represented hard-working families throughout the Gulf Coast. We have experience with Jones Act cases and we are endeavored to bring your family the justice and compensation they deserve. Talk to a drillship accident lawyer today at (800) 298-0111.

Work on drillships can be tough and demanding, as well as dangerous. Malfunctioning equipment and heavy gear can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. Drillers can be injured by falling objects, pipes, faulty pumps, and tongs. Some crew members can suffer burns, back and neck trauma, or even amputation performing their duties. Drillship accident attorneys know how to evaluate your offshore injury and bring a fair settlement to you and your family. Call today.

Drillships and The Jones Act

Under the Jones Act, you are entitled to receive what is known as maintenance and cure benefits.  That is your employer must pay for the cost to maintain housing and for your medical care when you are injured while aboard a vessel until you are fit for duty or you have reached maximum medical improvement. Furthermore, if your employer was negligent, it can also provide compensation for pain and suffering and other economic and non-economic losses suffered due to your injury.

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