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Property and business owners have a responsibility to visitors to warn them of known dangerous conditions upon their premises and/or provide adequate security when the business premise is in an area that it is known for a high violent crime rate. Yet injuries, sometimes even catastrophic, still occur in Texas from property owners’ failure to provide security or adequate security in apartment complexes, schools, restaurants, banks, hotels, and bars. It is a property owner’s responsibility to provide a safe environment to visitors and inhabitants by taking measures such as securing doors and gates or providing sufficient lighting in hallways, stairwells and parking lots. They are also obligated to hire security guards, conduct pre-employment screenings and routinely inspect the property for safety issues when they have reason to know that the likelihood of criminal activity is high in the surrounding area.

Types of Negligent Security Injury and Cases

Negligent security injuries can arise from various acts of negligence and gross negligence including things such as:

  • Failure to provide working locks
  • Failure to secure windows
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Failure to secure doors
  • Failure to provide security guards
  • Blocked emergency exits
  • Failure to maintain security system
  • Failure to warn tenants and/or customers
    about known dangers in the area
  • Failure to inspect the property


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