Verdicts and Settlements

Verdicts and Settlements

Personal Injury Case Results

At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., we have attorneys who handle and try personal injury cases big and small. Here you will find some examples of a few of our representative results. Due to confidentiality agreements, not all of our settlements and judgments can be posted. We also withhold the names due to privacy concerns.

2018 $1,387,500.00 Drunk Driving Accident Settlement

A 46-year-old female was rear-ended by a drunk driver. The driver was arrested at the scene for intoxication. The Plaintiff suffered from fractured ribs, a right ankle dislocation a right hip dislocation, right toe laceration, right femur fracture, closed head injury with mild traumatic brain injury, post-concussive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, abrasions, and lacerations.  The total medical bills paid out of the settlement were $55,463.50. Attorneys fees were $547,500 and the expenses paid out of the settlement were $25,624.59.

2015 $955,000.00 Slip and Fall Accident Premises Liability Settlement

A female restaurant patron slipped and fell on a lime slice at a Mexican restaurant sustaining a herniated disc in her spine necessitating a spinal fusion and implantation of a pain pump. Evidence suggested the lime slice fell from a  server’s tray and was left on the floor until the Plaintiff fell. The total medical bills paid out of the settlement were $205,034.49. Attorneys fees on the case were $381,666.67 and the expenses paid were $48,449.78.

2015 $300,000.00 Dog Bite Settlement

While playing outside in his neighborhood with his sister and friends, a young boy was attacked by a pit bull belonging to a neighbor.  The neighbor has recently purchased the pit bull as a guard dog after someone had burglarized their home. The neighbor’s child brought the dog outside on a leash but tripped over the thresh hold of the doorway and let the dog loose. The dog attacked our client, biting him about the head and sides of the face. A good samaritan driving by stopped and pried the dog’s jaws off of the boy’s head. The attack resulted in numerous stitches to the scalp and some scarring around the sides of the face. Medical expenses for emergency care totaled $10,018.60 after Medicaid payments.

After filing a lawsuit and conducting some necessary discovery, Paul Cannon made a time-limited demand to the defendant’s homeowner’s insurance company demanding that they pay their full policy limits of $300,000.00 to settle the case. The Defendants opted to accept the demand rather than go to trial. Attorney fees were $100,000.00 and expenses were $1,480.74.

2015 $1,264,113.60 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Settlement

In a difficult case involving an 18 wheeler truck crash that resulted in serious injuries, Simmons & Fletcher, P.C. was able to secure a $1,264,113.60 settlement on behalf of our injured client.

On a Texas interstate, our client was badly injured when his minivan was rear-ended by a commercial motor vehicle.  The investigating police officer determined that our client was stopped in the moving lanes of travel (rather than on the shoulder as the law requires) and therefore blamed him alone for causing the resulting accident involving the 18 wheeler.  Despite this police report that would cause most attorneys to not take on the case, our 18 wheeler accident attorneys, aggressively and quickly began litigation on behalf of our seriously injured client and, by doing our own investigation with the help of a team of experts, determined that the tractor-trailer was, in fact, responsible for negligently causing the avoidable wreck.  Christopher K. Fletcher discovered that the truck driver failed to act as a professional driver and if the truck driver had been driving defensively and according to the rules of the road, the 18 wheeler could have easily avoided crashing into our client. Furthermore, Mr. Fletcher uncovered evidence that proved the commercial motor carrier, the truck driver’s employer, knew or should have known that their driver was dangerous to the public and should not have allowed him behind the wheel of their 18 wheeler.

Our client suffered serious fractures to his knee and both forearms which required immediate surgeries to repair.  He also suffered a cut on his head.  Unfortunately, after the initial surgeries, one of our client’s arms became infected which caused him to suffer tremendous and constant pain for months.  In the end, our client’s medical bills amounted to over $100,000.  Attorney fees on the case were $492,644.63 and case expenses were $14,806.72.

2012 $11,900,000.00 Electrocuted Worker Burn Injury Settlement

A worker was severely injured while on an aerial lift. The worker was assisting another employee on a man-lift about 30 feet in the air when the other worker steered too close to a 34 kV power line. The resulting shock caused burn injuries and an extended period of oxygen deprivation to our client. He suffered irreversible brain damage and requires 24-hour per day monitoring. He sustained significant short term and long term memory problems and is permanently disabled. After a lawsuit was filed, the case was ordered to arbitration pursuant to an employee benefits policy. After extensive discovery and depositions, and after the excess carrier tried to get out of their obligations by trying to void their insurance policy in Federal Court, the case settled on the eve of arbitration for $11,900,000. Attorney fees on the case were $3,966,666.27 and case expenses were $213,253.55.

2012 Dog Bite Policy Limits+ Settlement

Dog attack involving 4 pit bulls that escaped from a yard and attacked a lady as she was walking down her own street with a child on her shoulders. She suffered bites on both arms and legs. Total medical bills were just under $5,000.00.  The case settled at mediation for homeowner’s policy limit plus an agreement that Defendant would never keep an aggressive-if-untrained breed on the property or pay 100.00 per day fine for doing so.

2010 Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident $233,124.00 Jury Verdict

Plaintiff (49) was driving down I-10 in Houston when a truck carrying a load of 18 ceramic insulators lost its load upon the roadway in traffic. She hit one of the insulators. Suffered an aggravation of a pre-existing spondylolisthesis in her lumbar spine requiring significant medical care, including a lumbar surgery. He went to ER 4 days later, then to a chiropractor who diagnosed a spondylolisthesis that predated the accident. She had a prior recommendation for surgery 10 years before following 4 prior injuries to her back.  The case went to trial in Harris County.

Outcome: Defendant found 100% negligent, awarded $233,124.00. Attorneys fees were $93,249.60, expenses were $51,645.81. The award was for 20K past medical, 15K past physical impairment, 60K future physical impairment, 20K past lost earnings, 30K future lost earnings, 30K past pain, and suffering, 115K future pain and suffering.