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If you are injured working in a fabrication shop, talk to a fabrication shop accident lawyer to learn your rights today. Accidents in fabrications shops range from welding accidents to defective product claims, or even forklift accidents. Our fabrication shop accident attorneys handle them all. Call (800) 298-0111 today for a free consultation.

Fabrication Shop Dangers

Fabrication shop workers face potentially dangerous working conditions every day.  The machinery and tools used in the fabrication of equipment required by the various industries in the Houston and Southeast Texas area pose a number of hazards to employees, putting them at risk of a fabrication shop accident every day.  To make matters worse, Texas is the only state in the entire United States where the government fails to protect its labor force by requiring Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Instead, employers have the option to choose whether they will provide Worker’s Compensation, an alternative to Worker’s Compensation which typically amounts to “Fake Comp,” or no coverage at all.

If you are injured in a fabrication shop accident and your employer chose not to protect you with true Worker’s Compensation insurance, you should protect yourself by calling a fabrication shop accident attorney that has been trusted by injured workers and their families in the Houston area for decades.  Additionally, if you suspect your injury may have been caused by someone other than your employers such as another company’s contractor or a piece of faulty or defective equipment,  you may have a third-party case against them even though your employer-provided Worker’s Compensation. At Simmons and Fletcher, the initial consultation is always free and we don’t charge a fee unless we make a recovery in your case. Call us today, toll-free at (713) 932-0777.

Causes of Fabrication Shop Accidents

welder welding

Welding is one example of a dangerous job requiring proper training.

There are hundreds of fabrication shops in Texas. Metal fabrication shops are a critical part of the Texas economy. They provide support to the oil and gas industry both on and offshore, the petrochemical industry, and the power supply industry.  Because of the variety of industries they support, fabrication shops have a wide variety of tools and equipment used in the fabrication process that can be a source of risk to the workers. Welding accidents are not uncommon.

Equipment such as welding machines, belt grinders, sanders, shop presses, band saws, forklifts, and drill presses are commonly used in fabrication shops.  All of these can cause injury if misused. Some causes of fabrication shop injuries include:

  • Improper training on how to use machines and tools.
  • Modifications made to equipment, tools, and safety guards.
  • Equipment failure due to outdated or improperly maintained machines.
  • Injuries from entanglement in conveyor belt rollers.
  • Chemical exposure and flying particle inhalation.
  • Failure to provide the right tools or equipment for the job.
  • Improper lifting techniques.
  • Coworker negligence.
  • Burns from welding torches, accidental fires, or explosions.
  • Failure to wear safety glasses.

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All of the above causes of injuries can result in serious injury or death. If you have suffered an injury at a fabrication shop and your employer did not provide you will full Worker’s Compensation Coverage to protect you, call us today for a free consultation. (713) 932-0777.