Houston Manufacturing Facility Accident Lawyers

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Manufacturing facility accidents are all too common in Texas. Houston is home to numerous manufacturing facilities. There are millions of workers employed in manufacturing facilities across the United States. They produce a wide variety of products including cement, food, textiles, clothes, heavy machinery, furniture, oil, and countless other household and industrial items. Often, the working conditions involve long hours of standing in hot warehouses leaning over conveyor belts to carry out a single aspect of the manufacturing process.  In addition to being exposed to harsh conditions, many manufacturing jobs expose workers to dangerous chemicals and dust from the product being made. These conditions coupled with dangerous machinery and high-powered conveyor belts can be a recipe for disaster.

Our manufacturing facility accident lawyers have helped victims of numerous manufacturing facility accidents recover from their negligent employers and we stand ready to help you.  Our lawyers are happy to evaluate your case at no cost to you. Call a law firm trusted by Texans for the past several decades for your free consultation.

Worker’s Compensation Might be an Option

Texas does not require employers to provide you with Worker’s Compensation. Some employers provide it, while others do not. Some employers provide alternatives to Worker’s Compensation Insurance that are inadequate to take care of you when you are injured. If your employer provides Worker’s Compensation, then they are shielded from liability for mere negligence. (They can still be held liable if they are found to be grossly negligent.) If there is no Worker’s Compensation provided, then you still have the right to bring a claim against them for their negligence. You should speak to a qualified manufacturing facility accident attorney to determine your rights. Call us for a free consultation today.

Types of Manufacturing Facility Accidents

There are numerous types of manufacturing accidents we see in and around the southeast Texas area.  Some of the types of manufacturing accidents we evaluate are:

Causes of Manufacturing Facility Accidents

There are several ways your employer’s negligence cause result in a manufacturing facility accident. Failing to adequately train and supervise employees can result in a coworker or even you doing something dangerous due to a lack of understanding. Your employer owes you a duty to train everyone properly. Failing to provide safety equipment and removing safety guards are other ways accidents often occur.  Failure to adopt safety procedures such as the lockout tag-out rules required by OSHA is another example of employer negligence that can lead to a manufacturing facility accident. If you have suffered an injury due to a manufacturing facility accident, call Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., Injury & Accident Lawyers, today to learn your rights.